Have you given to the Maryville Fund in 2019?

Maryville College's rich history has inspired its students for the past 200 years - and it's people like you who keep this institution alive and thriving as we look forward into the future. Thank you for standing by a College that has withstood the test of time. Make your Maryville Fund gift before the December 31st tax deadline and see it make a difference in the lives of our students come spring!



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  Name Information
Ms. Meghan Fagg-Smith Director of Annual Giving Willard House (865)981-8191
Mrs. Kathleen Farnham Director of Church Relations Alexander House (865) 981-8217 View More
Ms. Tammy Fawver Housekeeper Physical Plant (865) 981-8114
Ms. Sarah Fellenbaum Adjunct Instructor, Music Clayton Center for the Arts (865) 981-8150 View More
Mr. Pepe Fernandez Head Men's & Women's Soccer Coach Cooper Athletic Center 171 (865) 981-8284
Ms. Elicia Ferrer Career Outreach Specialist Bartlett Hall 224 (865) 981-8400 View More
Ms. Doniqua Flack Director of Campus Life Bartlett Hall Suite 306 (865) 981-8194
Mr. Nelson Fleming Housekeeper Physical Plant (865) 981-8114
Ms. Lynn Franklin CIE Instructor, Adjunct Instructor of English Composition for ESL Students International House (865) 981-8286
Ms. Nicole Fritts Assistant Database Administrator Fayerweather Basement (865) 981-8143
Dr. Wei Fu Assistant Professor of Marketing Thaw Hall 212 (865) 981-8231 View More