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  Name Information
Mr. Alan Hale Grounds Superintendent Physical Plant (865) 981-8137
Mr. Mark Hall Professor Emeritus, Art; Adjunct Instructor of Art Clayton Center for the Arts (865) 981-8150 View More
Mr. Michael Barron Hall Adjunct Instructor of Ceramics and 3-D Sculpture Clayton Center for the Arts (865) 981-8150 View More
Ms. Ashley Hancock Part-Time Resident Director Gamble Residence Hall (865) 981-8192
Mr. Lee Handley Electrician Physical Plant
Mr. Jacob Haskew Multimedia Communications Specialist Fayerweather Hall 210 (865) 981-8467 View More
Mr. Chase Hatmaker Adjunct Choral Assistant Clayton Center for the Arts (865) 981-8150 View More
Dr. Traci Haydu Chair, Division of Education, Associate Professor of Exercise Science Anderson Hall 156 (865) 981-8295 View More
Mr. Shaun Hayes Head Football Coach Cooper Athletic Center (865) 981-8282
Ms. Shannon Heath Adjunct Instructor of English View More
Ms. Julie Heckman Administrative Assistant, Metz Culinary Management Pearsons Hall (865) 981-8073 View More
Ms. Amy Heger Adjunct Instructor of Psychology Sutton Science Center
Mr. Clint Helton Associate Head Baseball Coach Cooper Athletic Center (865) 981-8393
Dr. Frances Henderson Associate Professor of Political Science Thaw Hall 213B (865) 981-8219 View More
Mr. Ken Henderson Groundskeeper Physical Plant
Mr. Richard Henderson HVAC Specialist Physical Plant (865) 981-8115
Dr. Elaine Henry CIE Instructor International House (865) 981-8184
Dr. Scott Henson Associate Professor of Political Science Thaw Hall 213 A (865) 981-8260 View More
Ms. Martha Hess Fayerweather Hall, Archives (865) 981-8256
Dr. Dan Hickman Assistant Professor of Spanish Anderson Hall 344 (865) 981-8342 View More
Mr. Ted Higgs Adjunct Instructor of English & Latin View More
Ms. Vivian Hill Office Manager, Residence Life Bartlett Hall Suite 337 (865) 981-8192
Dr. Zachary Himmelberger Lecturer in Psychology Sutton Science Center (865) 981-8350 View More
Ms. Teresa Holloway Telecounselor Fayerweather Hall (865) 981-8015
Mr. Bruce Holt Director of Counseling Bartlett Hall Suite 337 (865) 981-8035
Ms. Teresa Hooper Adjunct Instructor of English Anderson Hall 333 View More
Ms. Susan Hopkins Security Officer Bartlett Hall (865) 981-8112
Ms. Chelsea Houk Groom Penrose Farm
Ms. Shoko Howard Adjunct Instructor of Japanese Anderson Hall View More
Ms. Ali Hoy Part-Time Receptionist Fayerweather Hall (865) 981-8092
Mr. Zach Hufford Assistant Football Coach Cooper Athletic Center (865) 981-8281
Ms. Deja Hundley Financial Aid Counselor Fayerweather Hall 141 (865) 981-8090