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  Name Information
Mr. Alan Hale Grounds Superintendent Physical Plant (865) 981-8137
Mr. Mark Hall Professor Emeritus, Art; Adjunct Instructor of Art Clayton Center for the Arts (865) 981-8150 View More
Mr. Michael Barron Hall Adjunct Instructor of Ceramics and 3-D Sculpture Clayton Center for the Arts (865) 981-8150 View More
Ms. Molly Hamant Admissions Counselor Fayerweather Hall (865) 981-8089 View More
Ms. Ashley Hancock Part-Time Resident Director Gamble Residence Hall (865) 981-8192
Mr. Lee Handley Electrician Physical Plant
Dr. Jennifer Hardy Visiting Lecturer in Psychology Sutton Science Center, 126 View More
Ms. Angie Harris Director of Alumni Affairs Willard House (865) 981-8201 View More
Mr. Jacob Haskew Multimedia Communications Specialist Fayerweather Hall 210 (865) 981-8467 View More
Mr. Chase Hatmaker Adjunct Choral Assistant Clayton Center for the Arts (865) 981-8150 View More
Dr. Traci Haydu Chair, Division of Education, Associate Professor of Exercise Science Anderson Hall 156 (865) 981-8295 View More
Mr. Shaun Hayes Head Football Coach Cooper Athletic Center (865) 981-8282
Ms. Julie Heckman Administrative Assistant, Metz Culinary Management Pearsons Hall (865) 981-8073 View More
Mr. Clint Helton Associate Head Baseball Coach Cooper Athletic Center (865) 981-8393
Dr. Frances Henderson Associate Professor of Political Science Thaw Hall 213B (865) 981-8219 View More
Mr. Jason Henderson Part-Time Assistant Golf Coach Cooper Athletic Center 865-981-8301
Mr. Richard Henderson HVAC Specialist Physical Plant (865) 981-8115
Dr. Elaine Henry CIE Instructor International House (865) 981-8184
Dr. Scott Henson Associate Professor of Political Science Thaw Hall 213 A (865) 981-8260 View More
Ms. Martha Hess Fayerweather Hall, Archives (865) 981-8256
Dr. Dan Hickman Assistant Professor of Spanish Anderson Hall 344 (865) 981-8342 View More
Mr. Ted Higgs Adjunct Instructor of English, Italian & Latin View More
Ms. Vivian Hill Office Manager, Residence Life Bartlett Hall Suite 337 (865) 981-8192
Ms. Casey Hillon Assistant Director of Financial Aid Fayerweather 141 (865) 981-8087
Dr. Zachary Himmelberger Lecturer in Psychology Sutton Science Center, 129C & 129D (865) 981-8350 View More
Ms. Teresa Holloway Telecounselor Fayerweather Hall (865) 981-8015
Mr. Bruce Holt Director of Counseling Bartlett Hall Suite 337 (865) 981-8035
Ms. Teresa Hooper Adjunct Instructor of English Anderson Hall 333 View More
Ms. Susan Hopkins Security Officer Bartlett Hall (865) 981-8112
Ms. Chelsea Houk Groom Equestrian Farm
Ms. Lisa Howard Admissions Counselor Fayerweather Hall 865-981-8030 View More
Ms. Shoko Howard Adjunct Instructor of Japanese Anderson Hall View More
Ms. Ali Hoy Receptionist Fayerweather Hall (865) 981-8092
Mr. Zach Hufford Assistant Football Coach Cooper Athletic Center (865) 981-8281
Mr. Jim Humphrey Assistant Admissions Director for Transfer & Veteran Recruiting Fayerweather Hall 865-981-8015 View More