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  Name Information
Ms. Peggy Maher Associate Professor of Sign Language & Interpreting Sutton Science Center 129H (865) 981-8148 View More
Mr. Morgan Manning Assistant Professor of Art Clayton Center for the Arts, Main Building 314 (865) 981-8174 View More
Ms. Rebecca Marston Catering Manager, Metz Culinary Management Pearsons Hall (865) 981-8073 View More
Mr. Brett Martin Housekeeper Physical Plant (865) 981-8114
Mr. David Martin Developmental Football Student Athlete Coordinator Cooper Athletic Center (865) 981-8292
Ms. Kelly Massenzo Assistant Director of Admissions Fayerweather Hall (865) 981-8069 View More
Dr. Alicia Massie-Legg Lecturer in Music Clayton Center for the Arts, Main Building 321 (865) 981-8243 View More
Dr. Sheri Matascik Associate Professor of Music Clayton Center for the Arts, Main Building 307 (865) 981-8157 View More
Mr. Larry May Assistant Director of Physical Plant Physical Plant (865) 981-8115
Dr. Sharon May Associate Professor of Economics Thaw Hall 213C (865) 981-8343 View More
Mr. Jordan McCullough Admissions Counselor Fayerweather Hall (865) 981-8041
Ms. Christy McDonald Director of Career Center Bartlett Hall 224 (865) 981-8402 View More
Ms. Marissa McElrone Adjunct Instructor, Health Education
Mrs. Connie McGuire Payroll & Benefits Coordinator Fayerweather Hall Suite 318 (865) 981-8250
Rev. Dr. Anne McKee Campus Minister Center for Campus Ministry (865) 981-8298 View More
Dr. Heather McMahon Associate Professor of Theatre Clayton Center for the Arts, Main Building 316 (865) 981-8161 View More
Mr. John McMurtrie Director of Safety and Security Bartlett Hall (865) 981-8004
Ms. Tanya McNamara Adjunct Instructor in Physical Education Fayerweather Hall, 218 (865) 981-8234 View More
Mrs. Vicki McNutt Mail Services Manager Bartlett Hall 120 (865) 981-8082
Dr. William Meyer Professor of Philosophy and the Ralph W. Beeson Professor of Religion Anderson Hall 259 (865) 981-8022 View More
Dr. Ryan Mickey Assistant Professor of Economics Thaw Hall 203A (865) 981-8262 View More
Mr. Wesley Mikles Housekeeper Physical Plant (865) 981-8114
Mr. Steve Miller Housekeeper Physical Plant (865) 981-8114
Ms. Saij Miller-Wildsmith Executive Assistant Fayerweather Hall (865) 981-8097
Ms. Gina Milligan Adjunct Instructor of Music, Piano/Keyboard Clayton Center for the Arts, Building B, room 106 (865) 981-8150 View More
Mrs. Linda Millsaps Housekeeper Physical Plant (865) 981-8114
Ms. Melissa Millsaps Student Accounts Liaison Fayerweather Hall, Suite 110 (865) 981-8147
Mr. Nathan Millsaps Groundskeeper Physical Plant
Mr. Zach Millwood Adjunct Instructor of Music, Bassoon Clayton Center for the Arts View More
Dr. Geoff Mitchell Associate Professor of Spanish Anderson Hall 342 (865) 981-8252 View More
Mr. Thomas Mitchell Bonner Special Projects Coordinator Center for Campus Ministry (865) 981-8302 View More
Mr. David Montes Assistant Athletic Trainer Cooper Athletic Center (865) 981-8289
Mr. Tyson Murphy Head Men's & Women's Cross Country Coach, Mountain Challenge Program Manager, Adjunct Instructor, PHR Crawford House (865) 981-8208 View More
Mr. Roger Myers Associate Professor and Reference & Instruction Librarian Thaw Hall Library (865) 981-8259 View More