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  Name Information
Mr. Sam Sampietro Part-Time Groom Equestrian Farm
Ms. Melissa Sands Housekeeper Physical Plant (865) 981-8114
Mr. Skip Savage Visiting Lecturer in Chemistry Sutton Science Center (865) 981-8713 View More
Dr. Lori Schmied Professor of Psychology, Coordinator of Neurosciences Sutton Science Center 127 (865) 981-8162 View More
Ms. Kandis Schram Athletic Director - Head Volleyball Coach Cooper Athletic Center (865) 981-8290
Dr. Ariane Schratter Professor of Psychology Sutton Science Center 131 (865) 981-8272 View More
Dr. Chad Schrock Professor of Psychology Sutton Science Center 237 (865) 981-8268 View More
Ms. Jessica Schultz Barn Coordinator Equestrian Farm
Ms. Adrienne Schwarte Chair, Division of Fine Arts, Associate Professor of Art Clayton Center for the Arts, Main Building 305 (865) 981-8154 View More
Mr. Jacob See Adjunct Instructor of Music Clayton Center for the Arts View More
Ms. Christina Seymour Lecturer in Writing Communication Anderson Hall 335 (865) 273-8877 View More
Mr. Hemant Sharma Part-Time Assistant Men's & Women's Soccer Coach Cooper Athletic Center (865) 981-8284
Ms. Kirsten Sheppard Director of International Education International House (865) 273-8991 View More
Dr. Phillip Michael Sherman Chair, Division of Humanities, Associate Professor of Religion Anderson Hall 253 (865) 273-8806 View More
Dr. Kathie Shiba Professor of Psychology, Chair, Division of Behavioral Sciences Sutton Science Center 107A (865) 981-8270 View More
Ms. Vondle Shipley Adjunct Instructor of Psychology Sutton Science Center View More
Mr. Thomas Shuler Groundskeeper Physical Plant
Ms. Lori Sikes Housekeeper Physical Plant (865) 981-8114
Mr. Terry Silver-Alford Adjunct Instructor of Theatre Clayton Center for the Arts (865) 981-8150 View More
Dr. Eric Simpson Assistant Professor of Music; Director of Bands; Conductor of the Orchestra at Maryville College Clayton Center for the Arts. Main Building 309 (865) 981-8156 View More
Ms. Meredith Simpson Adjunct Instructor of Music, French Horn Clayton Center for the Arts (865) 981-8150 View More
Dr. Maria Siopsis Associate Professor of Mathematics Sutton Science Center 203 (865) 981-8163 View More
Ms. Katherine Sluder Cataloging & Reference Librarian Thaw Hall Library (865) 981-8046 View More
Mr. Blake Smith General Manager, Clayton Center for the Arts Clayton Center for the Arts (865) 981-8264
Dr. Jesse Smith Lecturer in Mathematics Sutton Science Center, 205B (865) 981-8277 View More
Ms. Natalie Smith Administrative Assistant Alexander House (865) 981-8306
Dr. Doug Sofer Associate Professor of History Anderson Hall 256 (865) 981-8265 View More
Ms. Elizabeth Sokol International Programs Coordinator International House (865) 981-8185
Ms. Valery Soltis CIE Instructor International House (865) 981-8184
Ms. Wendy Specter Administrative Assistant, Division of Humanities and Languages and Literature Anderson Hall 251 865-981-8224
Mrs. Priscilla Stache Human Resources Generalist Fayerweather Hall Suite 318 (865) 981-8349
Mr. Scott Steele Assistant Professor of English Anderson Hall 324 (865) 981-8077 View More
Dr. Jeremy Steeves Assistant Professor of Exercise Science Fayerweather Hall, 218 (865) 981-8105 View More
Mrs. Cheryl Stiebeling Acquisitions Assistant & Bookkeeper Thaw Hall Library (865) 981-8257 View More
Ms. Caroline Stuart Event Coordinator Clayton Center for the Arts (865) 981-8189
Dr. Mary Kay Sullivan Professor Emeritus Thaw Hall 218 View More
Dr. Jerilyn Swann Professor of Biology, Faculty Chair Sutton Science Center 112 (865) 981-8068 View More
Dr. William Swann Professor of Music Clayton Center for the Arts, Main Building 317 (865) 981-8159 View More
Dr. Victoria Swanson Adjunct Instructor of English