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  Name Information
Ms. Sue Waters Maryville Fund Assistant Willard House (865) 981-8197
Ms. Shannon Watts Assistant Director of Financial Aid Fayerweather Hall 141 (865) 981-8087
Dr. Frankie Weaver Adjunct Instructor of History Anderson Hall
Dr. Michelle Weedman Adjunct Instructor of New Testament Anderson Hall 258 View More
Dr. Barbara Wells Professor Emeritus Thaw Hall View More
Ms. Ashley West Senior Admissions Counselor for Transfer and Dual Enrollment Fayerweather Hall (865) 981-8032 View More
Mr. Kent West Pump and Piping Mechanic Physical Plant (865) 981-8115
Mr. TJ Wharton Assistant Baseball Coach Cooper Athletic Center (865) 981-8393
Ms. Hannah White Part-Time Choral Assistant Clayton Center for the Arts, Main Building 312 (865) 981-8153 View More
Mr. William White Assistant Professor in American Sign Language Sutton Science Center, 129H (865) 981-8148 View More
Ms. Valorie Whitlock Housekeeper Physical Plant (865) 981-8114
Ms. Debbie Wilde Switchboard Operator and Inventory Data Management Physical Plant Room 17 865-981-8000
Ms. Taylor Wilkes Assistant Athletic Trainer Cooper Athletic Center (865) 981-8322
Mr. Hank Williams Maintenance Mechanic Physical Plant (865) 981-8115
Ms. Stacey Wilner Senior Lecturer in Music, Director of Choral Activities Clayton Center for the Arts, Main Building 311 (865) 981-8151 View More
Ms. Kathi Wilson Registrar Fayerweather Hall 148 (865) 981-8211
Ms. Kathryn Wogoman Adjunct Accompanist Clayton Center for the Arts, Main Building 865-981-8150
Ms. Sharon Wood Adjunct Instructor in Exercise Science Fayerweather Hall 218 (865) 981-8109 View More
Ms Mary Workman Publication Manager Fayerweather Hall, Room 210 (865) 981-8119
Dr. Chase Worley Visiting Lecturer in Mathematics Sutton Science Center 222 (865) 981-8170 View More
Ms. Janice Writt Office Manager, CCA Clayton Center for the Arts (865) 981-8589
Ms. Tracy Wulf Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA) Coordinator Anderson Hall 156 (865) 981-8155 View More
Mrs. Marsha Wynn Advancement Services & Campaign Manager Willard House (865) 981-8204