ESL-College Pathway Program


Maryville College's English as a Second Language (ESL) Pathway Program supports international students in their efforts to improve their English language skills while earning credit toward graduation.

Who is Maryville College's ESL-College Pathway Program for?

International applicants without the required minimum* English proficiency test score are perfect candidates for the program if they meet all other admissions requirements.


How does Maryville College's ESL-College Pathway Program support my goal to complete my degree program?

If language requirements are not met, students will be enrolled in the ESL-College Pathway Program. Upon arrival to campus, a student's English skill level will be tested. The Pathway Program is designed to provide the students with the necessary English language support according to their skill level while earning credits toward graduation; possible tracks illustrated below:

High Intermediate
Up to 2 college courses & 3 English Support Courses
Full-Time Degree Program Full-Time Degree Program
Intermediate Full-Time English Support Courses Up to 2 College Courses + 3 English Support Courses Full-Time Degree Program
Beginner Full-Time English Support Courses Full-Time English Support Courses
Full-Time Degree Program -OR- Up to 2 college courses + 3 English support courses


In addition to earning credit toward graduation, what are other benefits of the ESL-College Pathway Program?


Maryville College's Intensive English Program offers:

  • Supportive environment and instructors to improve your language proficiency
  • Intensive English classes all year, including summer sessions
  • English for Academic Purposes curriculum to develop all communicative skills: reading, writing, listening, speaking in an academic context leading to more fluent and effective interactions in and out of class
  • Core class that focuses on grammar for more accurate use of the language structure
  • Choice classes to focus on specific skills, such as Pronunciation, Academic Writing and TOEFL Preparation

Maryville College's ESL-College Pathway Program also offers: 

  • Advising services to plan your course of study toward graduation
  • Placement into college courses, depending on English proficiency score, that prepare you for the academic rigor of an American university  
  • Period of adjustment in the United States and its academic system
  • Inclusion in a diverse community of international students from over 25 countries
  • Cultural programming and trips
  • Placement with a local host family if desired
  • Active, residential campus that immerses internationals with American students, staff and faculty
  • Full access to Maryville College's resources and facilities, such as the library, computer labs, Academic Support Center and Writing Center
It is recommended that students who know or suspect they need further English language training, make plans to attend our ESL program during the summer  prior to their desired college start date.  Find out more about our Intensive English Program.

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