"Maryville College is an amazing place to live and study. I had wonderful times there. I wanted to improve my English in a short time and Maryville seemed a nice quiet town so I could focus on my studies. It was the best decision I could have made. The people there are extremely nice, friendly and helpful. The teachers are fantastic and so patient. I'm really thankful that learned English with them. Now, I have friends from different parts of the world and I'm so glad to have had such dedicated classmates and teachers. After the ESL program at MC, my English language skills have improved a great deal because everybody there is committed to make each student do his or her best. The life inside and outside campus depends of you. You may do many things there, but if you join with other students, it can be easier to have fun. So make new friends and don't be afraid to use English."

-Leticia, Brazil

 "I was working in mining, especially for a Canadian company, when I realized that I had to improve my English to do my job better... In Maryville College I met wonderful teachers who patiently taught me to write, read and speak English, people who encouraged me to explore new professional development alternatives."

- Cosset, Chile

"The ESL program not only helps international students to get used to real American study, but also helps international students to get used to real American life. For me, I am a student from Asia. In Asia, students don’t talk in class, don’t ask questions to teachers, and never do presentations. Asian students definitely have a need to learn how to present before entering college. I can’t image if I didn’t learn presentations in the ESL program, what my college life would be." 

-Peizhen, China

"I studied English as a second language (ESL) to improve my English ability. The ESL program is composed of student from Saudi Arabia, Asia, Europe and many other places. Thanks to the program I have friends from about 20 countries. At first, I didn't have confidence in my speaking ability. But, thanks to the ESL program and friends from all over the world my English has improved."

- Yasuo, Japan 

"I am originally from Yaoundé Cameroon Africa. I started with English as a Second Language (E.S.L.) classes. I chose Maryville College because I wanted to study in the United States, and Maryville College seemed to match my personality the best...My favorite thing about Maryville College is how nice the people are."

- Isaac, Cameroon

"My English language skills were much improved during the time I was enrolled. Academics were strong and challenging. At the beginning each student is tested and placed on specific level according to his or her language abilities; it gives a chance for each student to improve in certain areas and be around students of the same level. Teachers were extremely helpful and friendly. They challenged each student to the best of his or her abilities in order to benefit their learning process. The curriculum was very diverse and covered a number of different areas such as speaking, listening, grammar, etc."

--Elvira, Kyrgyzstan