Maryville College students have the opportunity to do any internship abroad of their choice during the summer.  However, the International Programming Committee has also taken the time to pre-approve some specific programs and partners.  These summer internship abroad opportunities are linked here.  

MC Study Abroad Scholarships are only available for approved programs.

Each program has a different application process and form available on the partner website.  Generally an initial online application will be required, and at some point you need to be prepared to submit a resume and take part in an interview.

DEADLINE: January 15 (regardless of what CEA, ISA, ISEP or CISAbroad websites say)


                        Customized internships available in:

                        AUSTRALIA | CHILE | CHINA | ENGLAND | IRELAND | SOUTH                                                        KOREA | NEW ZEALAND | SPAIN

                        To read more about the types of internships and locations available, visit                             ISA page

                        Not finding what you are looking for - it may be possible to get practicum                         credit for ISA Service Learning Programs in these countries:

                                CHILE | COSTA RICA | DOMINICAN REPUBLIC | INDIA |                                                      IRELAND | JORDAN | MOROCCO | PERU
                        *Service learning costs are generally lower, and language requirements                                 may apply.


                         Some STUDY & INTERN options. Each internship is customized to                                your personal and professional goals.

                         AUSTRALIA | CHINA | COSTA RICA | ECUADOR | ENGLAND                                    FRANCE | IRELAND | ITALY | NEW ZEALAND | SCOTLAND                                                    SOUTH AFRICA | SPAIN | USA-HAWAII


                         PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC | LONDON, ENGLAND | PARIS,                                  FRANCE | FLORENCE AND ROME, ITALY | DUBLIN, IRELAND |                          MADRID AND SEVILLE, SPAIN

                         Check out the Prague housing here.

                         CEA's mission translates into providing you every opportunity to                                        immerse yourself in your new city, culture and language with a strong                                support network


                         BRUSSELS, Belgium - Vesalius University Internship & Study or                                      Internship Alone 

                         BEIJING, China - Tsinghua University, Service Learning Program  

                         New Zealand -  Massey University National Expedition & Internship                                  Program (Agriculture & Environment) 

                         **When you click on the ISEP link, it will take you to the Program                                    Finder. Be sure to use the filters for the summer semester and go to                                    "More Filters" to check internship and service learning