Maryville has two programs in France:

Centre International d’Etudes Francaises, Université Catholique de l’Ouest

Centre International d’Etudes Francaises

Angers, France (SUMMER ONLY)

Location and Size: Le Centre International d’Etudes Francaises, commonly known as C.I.D.E.F., is an institute of the Catholic University of the West. Angers is located in the west of France, in the Loire River Valley. Angers has 148,000 inhabitants and 250,000 including the suburban areas. Angers is a historic city. It is renowned for its castles, flowers, fruit, wine, and above all, the quality of the language of the region.

Academic Program: Maryville College students take a placement test after their arrival to determine their level in French. The International Center offers a variety of courses in French Language and Culture according to the students’ level: beginner, elementary, intermediate, advanced, superior. These courses will aim to acquire knowledge and to develop students’ skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in French. Sessions at CIDEF are 4-weeks in length and students can receive up to 6 credits per session.

Language Requirement: None

Room and Board: Students are lodged in a State University residence or in a foyer of students (private university residence) and are served three meals in the dining hall of the Centre on campus.

Cost: Students pay regular tuition (6 credit hours for the summer) and fees including room and board (double room rate plus 19-meal plan) to Maryville College. Students are responsible for books, airfare, and other living expenses.

When to Go: Summer. The optimum time for Maryville College students to attend CIDEF is July.



Université d'Avignon

Avignon, France

Location and Size: The University of Avignon is located in the northern part of Provence, a 40-minute drive to the Mediterranean. Avignon is a medieval town, and the University lies within its ramparts that date back to the 14th century. The historic walled city is known for its role as patron of the arts, notably the annual performing arts festival. Avignon attracts a cultivated and cosmopolitan population to enjoy its mild climate.

Academic Program: Maryville College students will be admitted into the regular Departments of the UAPV (Literature and Languages, Natural Sciences, Applied Languages, Law, Computer Sciences), provided they have completed the prerequisite or have earned equivalent knowledge. Maryville College students will also take a course that focuses on French language and communication.

Language Requirement: Two years of college French

Room and Board: Students are housed in a State University residence. They may choose to buy meal tickets at the student cafeteria or to cook for themselves in their studio apartment kitchenette.

Cost: Students pay regular tuition and student fees to Maryville College. Students are responsible for other living expenses, including housing, meals, local travel, airfare and books.

When to Go: Fall or spring semester