Travel Study Programs

January-term and May travel study programs are faculty-led programs that offer MC sophomores, juniors, and seniors alternate study environments, international experiences and exposure to diverse cultures while earning credit towards their degree. The programs have experiential learning as the focus and are typically two- to three-weeks in length. Programs and destinations vary from year to year and there are options to suit most degrees.  Embedded programs are also travel study programs, but take place during spring break as part of a spring semester course.

2018 Programs 

  • MC in Costa Rica (Spring 3-credit course/May travel) - DEADLINE EXTENDED - APRIL 28 at 12noon  (scholarship deadline not extended)
  • MC in Cuba (January travel) - FULL
  • MC in Switzerland (Spring  3 credit course / Spring Break travel) - FULL

2017 Programs



How it Works:

  • One to two faculty members accompany a group of Maryville students on a short term (10 days to 3 weeks) week study abroad program
  • Get 3 academic credits, and fulfill the experiential component of the Maryville curriculum
  • This is an interactive learning experience. You are not sitting in a classroom abroad, but learning about the course topic with the international destination as your classroom.
  • Read about individual programs via the links on the left toolbar!

Who can participate?

You! J-Term programs are open to sophomores, juniors and seniors.

Registration & Application:

Please follow the below instructions to apply for a January-term program.  Apply 1 year in advance!

You may list up to 4 preferences on the  travel study program application. You are encouraged to select more than one site as this improves your chances on being placed on a travel study program.


Selection will be conducted by the faculty leaders. Selection decisions are based upon the entire application packet: application, essay, references, GPA, student conduct, etc. In addition, faculty leaders look for a match between the student's goals and the goals of the programs.  The selection process varies by program, however applicants should be prepared for an interview as part of the acceptance process.

Get More Information:

  • January Travel Study Program Information Meeting: Meetings will take place in January & February (Watch Today@MC for information)
  • Talk to Faculty Leaders about the program you are interested in.


  •  J-term travel-study faculty-led program application form 
  • Due:  to the Center for International Education (International House) by March 1 at 4:00pm with a $100 application fee.  This fee will be used towards the cost of the program. 
  • Travel Study scholarship applications will be due to the Center for International Education (International House) by March 1(or the Monday after if it falls on a weekend)  Scholarship deadlines will not be extended for late applicants.


  • March 1: Applications, $100 application fee and scholarship applications due by 4:00pm. (DEADLINE EXTENDED FOR COSTA RICA  until APRIL 28)
  • April 17: Acceptance & scholarship notification.
  • April 24:  $200 deposit and acceptance form due to the Center for International Education (International House) 
  • September 1: $2,000 due
  • October 1:  Remaining balance due

REFUND POLICY: Students who are not selected will receive a refund of this application fee. Otherwise it is non-refundable. If you decline a place offered to you it is non-refundable.  Click here for more information on our Travel Study Withdrawal Policies

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