University of Colima

Colima, Mexico

Location and Size: Colima (280 miles west of Mexico City) is a small-sized city of about 130,000 and ideal for Maryville students. It is a beautiful colonial town within site of the most active volcano in Mexico. Colima is just a short distance away from beautiful Pacific Ocean beaches. The University of Colima is a regional university with a number of programs.

Academic Program: Colima has a host of departments, but most students who go will be Spanish majors or minors.

Language Requirement: Spanish proficiency is required.

Room & Board: Students will be housed with families selected and screened by the University of Colima.

Cost: Students pay regular tuition, room fees (equivalent to a double room), and a 19/week meal plan to Maryville College, plus technology and activity fees. The student is responsible for airfare and books and miscellaneous fees. Health insurance is required.

When to go: Students can go in either the fall (Aug.-January) or the spring (Feb.-July) semesters.