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PSY/SOC 249: Sex and Society - Cultural Comparisons Between the US and the Netherlands (CD) header

Psychology or Sociology 249  (3 credits)  (CD)

May 2022


This 3 credit class titled Sex and Society: Cultural Comparisons Between the US and the Netherlands (PSY 249/ SOC 249) will provide the opportunity to learn about the history, culture, and belief systems of the Dutch people. The program includes a stay in Amsterdam as well as excursions to other historically significant towns within the Netherlands, including Rotterdam.

The class explores how various social and political decisions such as legalized prostitution, wide acceptance of LGBTQ+ rights, federally funded abortions, and comprehensive sex education. It also includes a further examination of the relationship between these norms and the Netherlands’ rates of STIs, teen pregnancies, abortions and ages of sexual debut in Dutch youth. Travel days end with an evening class discussions to debrief and process the day.

Course Goals:

  • Analyze the impact of globalization on the Netherlands

  • Learn about the history, culture, and belief systems of the Dutch people

  • Explore the various social and political decisions made surrounding sex and society as well as their impact

Why consider this course abroad?

  1. It offers both major/minor related credit in the fields of Psychology and Sociology.
  2. It can be used to replace WRC 370 for your core requirement for the Intercultural / Cultural Domain.
  3. Work on a key competency employers are looking for:


Tentative Program Fee :  $4,000

Program Fee Includes:

  • $200 deposit
  • Roundtrip airfare
    Local transportation
    All excursions & cultural activities (except free days)
    Some meals 
    Travel medical insurance 

Not Included:

  • $100 application fee
  • Passport $140
  • Immunizations (
    Personal expenses
    Some meals  $260
  • Specialty activities (free days)

Program Highlights

Spend 2 weeks immersed in the beauty, history, and culture of the Netherlands. Hear presentations by sex researchers and educators, and experience excursions that help build a foundation of understanding of the Dutch culture, including trips to a stroopwaffle company, the Anne Frank Museum, the Red Light District, the sex education floor of the children’s Museum and the Homomonument.

Tentative Itinerary - May-term 2020

  • Day 1: Departure for Amsterdam
    Day 2: Arrival in Amsterdam; boat tour of Amsterdam
    Day 3: NEMO Museum; guest lecturer by author & educator Arjet Borjer; Sex Museum
    Day 4: Grand Holland Tour
    Day 5: Waves boat tour to CASA; guest lecturer Hella Dee; Red Light District tour
    Day 6: Rotterdam tour; high rise Euromast
    Day 7: Anne Frank Museum; Homomonument; Pink Point (LGBTI information kiosk); other LGBT organizations site visits
    Day 8: Free day in Amsterdam
    Day 9: Greenhouse, geothermal & agri-auction tours
    Day 10: Van Gogh Museum; Damrak shopping trip; photo op at Amsterdam sign; photo journalism presentations
    Day 11: Departure from Amsterdam to Knoxville

U.S. State Department Consular Information Sheet 

Level 2. Exercise increased caution due to terrorism

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Entry, Exit & Visa Requirements

Visit the Embassy of the Netherlands website for the most current visa information.

The Netherlands is a party to the Schengen Agreement. This means that U.S. citizens may enter the Netherlands for up to 90 days for tourist or business purposes without a visa. Your passport should be valid for at least three months beyond the period of stay. You need sufficient funds and a return airline ticket. For additional details about travel into and within Schengen countries, please see the State Dept Schengen fact sheet.  Source: US State Department

CIA World Factbook - the Netherlands

The Netherlands Tourism

Lonely Planet Guidebook

Travel Tips

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Map of the MC in the Netherlands Travel Study Program

Source: Google Maps

How it Works:

  • Travel with two expert MC faculty members (Dr. Beale and Mr. Bevins)
  • Travel with a group of Maryville students on a short term study abroad program
  • 3 academic credits
  • This is an interactive learning experience. You are not sitting in a classroom abroad, but learning about the course topic with the international destination as your classroom.
  • May-term course & travel

Who can participate?

You! Travel Study programs are open to sophomores, juniors and seniors.  This program will admit approx. 16 students.

Registration & Application:

Please follow the below instructions to apply for a Travel Study program.  Do not miss our application deadlines!

You may list up to 3 preferences on the  travel study program application. You are encouraged to select more than one site as this improves your chances on being placed on a travel study program.  Only list programs you would be happy to be selected for.  You will be considered first for your first place site.


Selection will be conducted by the faculty leaders. Selection decisions are based upon the entire application packet: application, essay, references, GPA, student conduct, etc. In addition, faculty leaders look for a match between the student's goals and the goals of the programs.  The selection process varies by program, however applicants should be prepared for an interview as part of the acceptance process.

Special Considerations: 

Many locations will not be wheelchair accessible and terrain may be uneven in many places. There will be a moderate amount of walking 2-3 miles at a leisurely pace.

Get More Information:

  • Travel Study Program Information Meeting: Meetings will take place during early Fall 2021 (Watch Today@MC for information)
  • Talk to Faculty Leaders about the program you are interested in.


  • Travel Study faculty-led program application form 
  • Due:  ONLINE by October 1 by 12noon with a $100 application fee.  This fee will be used towards the cost of the program. 
  • Travel Study scholarship applications will be due to the Center for International Education (International House) by October 1 Scholarship deadlines will not be extended for late applicants.

Tentative Timeline: MAY 2022

  • Application Available

    Spring 2021

    Apply Online

    Application Deadline

    Tuesday, October 1, Noon

    All online materials, including scholarship application must be submitted by noon

    Interviews Begin

    Monday, October 4  – Friday, October 8

    All students will interview with the faculty leader(s) 

    Notification of Acceptance (and scholarship)

    Monday, October 25

    Via email before 5:00pm

    Confirmation of Acceptance Due

    November 1, Noon

    Confirmation of acceptance with $200 deposit due by 12noon

    Payment 1 Due

    Dec 1, Noon

    50% of Payment due (Full balance may be paid at this time) before 12noon.

    Final Payment Due

    February 1, Noon

    Remaining balance due

    Mandatory CIE Pre-Departure Orientation


    Three part webinar. Quiz due by Feb 15th.

    Program Specific Pre-Departure Orientation


    As determined by Dr. Beale

Applications received without a $100 application fee will not be considered.  The $100 application fee does not go towards the program fee, but the deposit does.

REFUND POLICY: Students who are not selected will receive a refund of this application fee. Otherwise it is non-refundable. If you decline a place offered to you it is non-refundable.  Visit here for more information on our Travel Study Withdrawal Policies

*Sample Confirmation of Commitment Paperwork you will be asked to sign when you make a deposit.

Worried about your program investment - check out Cancel for Any Reason Trip Interruption insurance (not included)

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