Maryville College has bilateral exchange programs in England and Northern Ireland.  See the information below for details.


University of Worcester

Worcester, UK

Location and Size: The University of Worcester is located in the university city of Worcester, England, in the United Kingdom. Centrally located, it offers easy access to London, Stratford-upon-Avon, Wales, and the Malvern Hills. Worcester is a cathedral city with many cultural amenities and has both public train and bus services. The city centre is in short distance of the campus. Students can fly into either London (Heathrow is preferable) or Manchester International Airports. National Express Bus service from Heathrow is approximately $28, while British Rail train fare is approximately $42 (take the RailAir bus from any Heathrow terminal to Reading; from Reading buy a single ticket to Worcester). There are about 7200 students enrolled at the University of Worcester.

Academic Program: The University of Worcester offers a wide variety of liberal arts courses ("modules") in the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Business. Some additional areas of interest include women's studies, environmental science and environmental management.

Language Requirement: None

Room & Board: Housing is in on-campus dormitories. Only single rooms are available. The cost of housing is covered by the exchange costs. Meals are the responsibility of the student. There are cooking facilities in each dorm or suite, depending on the dorm and a cafeteria-style dining hall on campus.

Cost: Students pay regular tuition and room fees (equivalent to a double room), technology fee, and activity fee to Maryville College. Meal costs are paid at the University of Worcester as needed (budget approximately $12/day). The student is responsible for airfare.

When to go: MC students study at the University of Worcester for one semester. Because the University of Worcester is on the modular system, it doesn't matter which semester students go. Semester 1: late-September to late-January. Semester 2: late-January to late-May.

**Note: Students interested in study in the UK must apply by November 15th for placement in either fall or spring semesters.  There is only one deadline per year.


Northern Ireland

Irish American Scholars Program

Queens University Belfast | University of Ulster | Belfast Metropolitan College | Stranmillis University College | St. Mary’s University College

Location and size: Queens University is located in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The nearest major airport is Belfast. The University of Ulster is located on four campuses in smaller cities in Northern Ireland. Choice of courses will determine at which campus the student will be located. St. Mary’s, Stranmillis and Belfast Metropolitan are all located in Belfast.

Academic Program: MC students can take courses in a wide variety of academic areas. Queens University and the University of Ulster are internationally recognized. They do not offer courses in all disciplines, but most U.S. students will find appropriate subjects at these institutions. (Note: The University of Ulster has multiple campuses. Students will be placed at a specific campus depending on their field of study.) Belfast Metropolitan College specializes in educating students with strong career goals in vocational areas such as business, marketing, computing, performing arts and communication, and also in Irish studies. The programs and faculty are of high quality and U.S. students can expect a fulfilling year. Stranmillis and St. Mary’s are colleges of Queens University specializing in teacher education.

Note on Eligibility: This exchange is part of the Irish/American Scholars Program through the Association of Presbyterian Colleges and Universities. Only 10 students nationally are accepted for study in Northern Ireland, and so the competition is stiff. In addition to the MC Study Abroad Application process, there are other stipulations. Applicants must meet the following criteria and submit:

These items are due to the Center for International Education (International House) by NOVEMBER 15th of the year prior to study abroad. Students who are accepted by the MC International Programming Committee will be nominated for the Irish/American Scholars Program.

**The International Programming Committee will request this letter of nomination if you are selected for the program.

Language Requirements: None

Room & Board: Housing is in on-campus dormitories with meals served daily in the cafeteria (refrectory). There are some dormitories with some meals included in the cost; others are self-catering options with cooking facilities in the dorms.

Cost: Students pay regular tuition and fees to Maryville College. Room & Board costs are paid directly to the host institution (but are generally cheaper than here, and financial aid can be used to cover these costs). The student is also responsible for airfare, books, and other travel and living expenses.

When to go: MC students study for a semester or the entire academic year at the host institution. Irish/American Scholars Program gives preference to students who study for an entire academic year.

**Note: Students interested in study in the UK must apply by November 15th for placement in either fall or spring semesters.  There is only one deadline per year.


For more information:
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