Two seniors to pursue graduate studies at Hult Business School

Two MC seniors to pursue graduate studies at Hult International Business School

May 16, 2016

Two Maryville College seniors are pursuing graduate studies at the prestigious Hult International Business School, a global business school with campus locations in Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai, Shanghai, New York, and Ashridge Estate (UK).

Davison to serve as Hult ambassador, work with Clinton Global Initiative

Susie Davison, a finance/accounting major from Maryville, Tenn., will pursue a dual master’s degree program in finance and international business. During the 18-month program, she’ll spend seven months in San Francisco, five months in Dubai, and six months in Boston.

In addition to receiving a scholarship, she has been named a Hult Dean's Scholar.

“With this title, I will be an ambassador for the school and get the opportunity to travel and represent Hult on various occasions,” said Davison. “I will also be working directly with the dean of my campus to communicate the student perspective of the program. Right off the bat in the fall, I have been asked to travel to Ashridge in the UK to attend a leadership conference on Hult’s behalf.”

She was also nominated by Hult to be a part of the Clinton Global Initiative, which “convenes global leaders to create and implement innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges,” according to the website. In this position, she will work with the Clinton Global Initiative Foundation to come up with this year’s topic for the Hult Prize competition, a start-up accelerator for aspiring young social entrepreneurs enrolled in universities around the world.

Last fall, Maryville College organized its first teams for the Hult Prize, and Davison participated. Founded in 2009 by Hult International Business School graduate Ahmad Ashkar and run by the Hult Prize Foundation in partnership with the Clinton Global Initiative, the contest challenges teams of students enrolled at colleges and universities around the world to develop innovative ideas for sustainable start-up enterprises that can solve the world’s biggest social problems. Winners receive $1 million in seed capital, as well as mentorship and advice from the international business community to launch their new company.

“I will get the opportunity to travel with this position and network with the world's leading CEOs and entrepreneurial leaders, while working on the top topics of the foundation such as finding innovative ways to fight global poverty,” she said.

After graduate school, Davison plans to pursue her “dream career” of becoming a financial examiner. She will work to obtain her certified public accountant (CPA) license and hopes to eventually work for the Federal Bureau of Investigation in forensic accounting. She credits Maryville College with preparing her for this next chapter of her academic career.

“Maryville College’s incomparable, rigorous curriculum has transformed me into the young and eager professional that I am today,” Davison said. “My time at Maryville has molded me into a well-rounded individual who is hungry to explore the world. My professors have encouraged me to chase my wildest dreams – and that nothing is impossible. I plan to capitalize on this opportunity and show Hult International School of Business just what a proud and prepared Scot has to offer. I am confident that my knowledge and capabilities will stand out in this program.”

Benson-Epstein to pursue career as consultant for one of the ‘big three’

During his 18-month dual master’s degree program in finance and international business, Connar Benson-Epstein will spend time on three Hult campuses: San Francisco for seven months, Dubai for five months, and Boston for six months. The finance/accounting major from Boynton Beach, Fla., who also competed in the Hult Prize competition at Maryville College last fall, received a “Future Leaders Scholarship” from the Hult International Business School.

He recently completed a one-year internship with Northwestern Mutual and said he could see himself working for the company in the future, although he’d first like to pursue a career as a consultant for one of the “big three” consulting firms – Bain & Company, the Boston Consulting Group, or McKinsey & Company.

“When I did the Vanderbilt Accelerator (Summer Business Institute) program back in 2014, that gave me some real-world consulting experience, as well the opportunity to meet some consultants from Bain & Company,” Benson-Epstein said. “As exciting as it would be to continue my path I am currently on – which would consist of obtaining my Certified Financial Planner® (CFP) certification with Northwestern Mutual – I think by getting some ‘big three’ experience I will add some flavor to my financial planning practice upon my return.”

He said that Maryville College’s “rigorous academics” prepared him well for studying at Hult.

“After completing comprehensive exams and a Senior Study, I feel that MC cultivated in me a strong work ethic that I will take to Hult and into my future career,” he said.

By Chloe Kennedy, Assistant Director of Communications

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