Second Presbyterian provides scholarships to MC students

Second Presbyterian provides scholarships to MC students

Oct. 16 2018

Two Maryville College students, Anya Dunn ’21 and Cameron Moore ’20, are the first recipients of Second Presbyterian Church, Knoxville’s endowed scholarships that were established in honor of the church’s bicentennial.

The “Second Presbyterian Church, Knoxville 200th Anniversary Scholarship” was established in 2017 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the church’s founding in 1818 by Maryville College founder, the Rev. Isaac Anderson. The scholarship, which also celebrates the church’s longtime commitment to education, provides assistance to students attending Maryville College and the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. The one-year awards, which total $2,000-$4,000 each, are administered through the East Tennessee Foundation.

The students will be introduced to the church during its official 200th Anniversary Celebration scheduled for Sun., Oct. 21. (Maryville College, which was founded by Anderson in 1819, will celebrate its bicentennial in 2019.)

Rev. Tim Reynolds, pastor of Second Presbyterian Church, said the idea for the scholarship came from the church’s 200th Anniversary Committee, which was looking for a project in honor of reaching the milestone of 200 years of service to Knoxville.

“They were having a hard time coming up with something that really felt meaningful, however,” Reynolds said. “Some representatives of the committee came to me and wanted to know if I had any suggestions. I had only been here a few months at the time and did not know the congregation well enough to make any specific recommendations. I did, however, make a general one. I encouraged them to think about something that would make a lasting impact; something that would change lives forever. I encouraged them to think along the lines of an endowment fund that people would be able to benefit from years down the line. That's all it took.”

At the next committee meeting, members suggested the idea of a college scholarship for a Maryville College or UT student, he said.

“This checked so many boxes: the historical Presbyterian emphasis on education, the historical ties through Isaac Anderson with Maryville College, the personal connection so many in the congregation have with UTK (alumni, many retired and some current professors and administrators), and being able to truly change a life through education,” Reynolds said. “Everyone knew immediately this was the project they had been looking for.”

The East Tennessee Foundation was asked to manage the scholarship fund, and the generosity of church members and donors from the community enabled the funding of two scholarships in its first year.

Dunn, a sophomore American Sign Language-English Interpreting and biochemistry double major at Maryville College, said she wouldn’t be able to attend college without the generosity of organizations like Second Presbyterian Church.

“Because of them, God has given me the blessing of a college education in which I am able to pursue my passions of tennis and service in hopes that one day, I will be able to reach my goal of working in pediatric special needs,” said Dunn, who is from Winston, Ga.

Moore, a junior biology major at Maryville College, described the scholarship as “a huge blessing.”

“It is so gratifying to know that out of all of the amazing people who applied, my application was chosen,” said Moore, who is from Clinton, Tenn. “I'm beyond thankful for the help this scholarship will provide me in the coming academic year, and it may even allow me take part in an international experience program offered in May 2019 to Greece. With Second Presbyterian Church's scholarship, my dream of going to Greece may now actually become a reality!”

Reynolds said Second Presbyterian Church is “so excited to make a difference in the lives of young people” through the scholarships.

“This congregation has been making a difference in Knoxville for 200 years, and this will ensure that we keep doing so well into the future,” Reynolds said. “In our minds, there is no more fitting way to honor God's faithfulness to us over the last 200 years than by using our resources to serve future generations.”

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