College's presidential search underway

College’s presidential search underway

Sept. 18, 2019

The search for Maryville College’s 12th president is underway.

Dr. Tom Bogart, the College’s current president, announced in July that he would not extend his service beyond his current term, which ends in June 2020. He began his tenure at the College in 2010.

“Under [Bogart’s] leadership, Maryville College Works was introduced, as was a new core curriculum that supports this career-focused initiative,” said Dr. Mary Kay Sullivan, chairwoman of the College’s Board of Directors, following Bogart’s announcement. “Dr. Bogart oversaw the introduction of new academic programs and made dramatic improvements in the scope and scale of community partnerships. The campus has completed renovations of Anderson Hall, Pearsons Hall and the Alumni Gym and made other substantial improvements to the campus and to athletic facilities.”

Sullivan, along with board member Tim Topham ’80, is co-chairing the search committee that includes other members of the Board and representatives from the faculty, staff and student body.

In a memo to the campus on Aug. 9, Sullivan explained that members of the committee were selected from recommendations offered by members of the campus community.

“The committee represents a broad section of campus and has the same proportionate representation of constituencies as did the 2009-2010 Search Committee [that resulted in the selection of Bogart as president],” she wrote. “… on the search committee, members are charged to represent the best interests of the College as a whole, not just their particular constituencies.”

Sullivan announced that, in addition to Topham, the following Board members had agreed to serve:  Ken Bell, Diane Humphreys-Barlow ’70, Jim Kulich and Adriel McCord ’00.

Faculty representatives are Dr. Jenifer Greene, professor of management and chair of the faculty; Dr. Bill Meyer, professor of philosophy and the Ralph W. Beeson Professor of Religion; and Dr. Chad Schrock, professor of psychology.

Karen Beaty Eldridge ’94, executive director for marketing and communications; Christy McDonald Slavick, director of the Career Center; and Mary Workman, publication manager and former chair of Staff Council, are representing the College’s staff and administrators.

From the student body, senior and Student Government Association President Aaron Solomon ‘20 is serving.

Suzette Donovan, assistant to the president, is providing administrative assistance to the committee.

Timeline announced

Sullivan said that the Board’s executive committee had charged the presidential search committee to “develop and implement a process that will yield a small group of candidates fully qualified to assume the Maryville College Presidency and fully capable of advancing the College in its chosen direction.”

The search will be national in scope and confidential. The committee’s goal is to complete interviews and assessments of top candidates in time for the Board of Directors to appoint the 12th president during its February 2020 meeting.

“The outcome of this search will set the tone of the College for years to come, and therefore the task warrants care, dedication and time,” Sullivan said. “While our hope is to be able to name a new president early next year, we realize that the imperative is finding the right person who will strongly support the College’s mission and build on the accomplishments of previous presidents.”

Consultant hired

To assist with the search process, Sullivan said that the College is partnering with Haley Associates, LLC, a boutique higher education consulting and executive search firm based in Manchester, N.H.

Founder and president Dr. Katherine Haley visited campus Aug. 27 and 28 to meet with several campus groups and hear opinions on the College’s direction and the needed qualities and credentials in Maryville College’s next president.

A former president of Gettysburg and Whittier colleges, Haley was a principal at the national firm Witt/Kieffer for seven years before founding her own firm. As an executive search consultant in higher education, she has conducted more than 100 leadership searches for institutions across the country, including more than 45 president and chancellor searches. Haley has held leadership positions in a number of national higher education associations, including chairing the board of the Annapolis Group and serving on the boards of the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (NAICU), the Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) and the Consortium on Financing Higher Education (COFHE).

She earned her doctoral and master’s degrees from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and her bachelor’s degree from Tufts University.

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