Eleven legacies graduate in the Class of 2020

Eleven legacies graduate in the Class of 2020

May 21, 2020

In the Class of 2020, several students are continuing a family tradition by graduating from Maryville College. Eleven graduating seniors are legacies, meaning they have relatives who are current or former Maryville College students.

Legacies in the Class of 2020 are:

- Corey Brewer ’20 – Katie Brewer Pledge ’14 (sister)

- Bryce Byerley ’20 – Karen Forbes Haines ’91 (mother)

- Savanna Carney ’20* – Jon Carney ’17 (brother)

- Haley Cloud ’20 – Edwin Cloud ’16 (brother)

- Chris Fernandez ’20*Marc Fernandez ’15 (brother)

- Lindsey Lively ’20 – Lenny Lively ’19 (brother)

- Nicholas Mackey ’20* - John Bakelaar ’69 and Barbara Bush Bakelaar ’69 (grandparents); Patricia Bishop ’57 (grandmother’s cousin); Milton Bush ’76 (great uncle); and Joanie Bakelaar ’09 (aunt)

- Cameron Malone ’20* - Jay Malone ’91 (father) and Caroline Malone ’23 (sister)

- Zachary Messinger ’20* - Patrick Messinger ’18 (brother)

- Brenna Tipton ’20* - Denise Pass Tipton ’93 and Ryan Tipton ’92 (parents) 

Sean Sterling ’20* - Dan Greaser ’60 (grandfather); Eric Greaser ’84 (uncle); Ralph Greaser ’52 (great-great-uncle); Linda Greaser Malonee ’78 (cousin); Kelly Greaser Kerr ’99 (cousin); Katie Dunn Connor ’00 (cousin); Trent Gilland ’04 (cousin by marriage); Stephanie Zilles Smith '07 (cousin); Shelby O'Brien Sterling ’13 (sister-in-law); Chase Sterling ’15 (brother); Camden Murphy '22 (cousin); Jake Kerr ’23 (cousin)

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