MC launches Scots Health for 24/7 medical, mental health care

MC launches Scots Health for 24/7 medical, mental health care

Aug. 26, 2020

With the launch of the Scots Health telehealth program this month, Maryville College students now have access to free, around-the-clock medical and mental health care through their smartphone or other web-enabled device.

Scots Health is powered by TimelyMD, a telehealth company focused on keeping higher education populations healthy by providing access to 24/7 quality medical care and counseling. The company’s network of board-certified healthcare professionals spans the country and state. Providers are available to diagnose non-emergent medical conditions, prescribe medications and offer mental health support and wellness coaching via phone or secure video visits.

“Our student body is actively engaged in and out of the classroom, balancing rigorous academics with work and family commitments, along with community service and athletic endeavors,” said Dr. Melanie V. Tucker, the College’s vice president and dean of students. “Partnering to provide support for our students around the clock, on and off campus, allows the College to better meet the needs of our students when those needs arise and reduces time away from their curricular and co-curricular pursuits.”

Scots Health is available on desktop and mobile app to all enrolled Maryville College students – residential and commuters – regardless of their location. To access services, students should visit to create an account using their email address. From there, they should follow the prompts to schedule a virtual visit.

Licensed medical providers can virtually assess symptoms of COVID-19 and administer frontline care in a way that, because it does not require a visit to an on-campus clinic, limits the risk of virus spread. They also can give advice and recommendations on testing, quarantining and where to go if testing or further care is needed.

Providers also can treat a wide range of conditions, from influenza and sinus infections to acne and lower back pain.

With “TalkNow,” TimelyMD’s 24/7 mental health support, students can receive help with issues such as stress and anxiety, depression, addiction, eating disorders and trauma.

Students may also choose to have a scheduled counseling session, which allows them to pick the counselor of their choice.

Tucker, who also serves as the College’s chief diversity officer, stated that she and other College leaders chose TimelyMD because of the diversity of medical and mental health professionals accessible through the service.

“Students are able to log on and identify providers based on tenets of diversity, which matter to our contemporary student body,” she said. “The TimelyMD providers, 39 percent of whom are professionals of color, have brief bios posted that allow students to select a provider based on personal preference – such as race and gender identity. Students have asked for this kind of representation, and the College continues to strive to find ways to support the myriad needs of our campus community.”

Confidential on-campus counseling remains available to students; the provision of Scots Health gives an additional layer of support, the dean explained. Bruce Holt, the College’s director of counseling, along with the counseling center interns, continues to provide assessment, short-term counseling and off-campus referrals to support students in meeting personal, social and academic challenges. As the campus minister, the Rev. Dr. Anne D. McKee is available to help students with questions related to spiritual and faith journeys.

Tucker said the health and well-being of students is a top priority of the College, adding that faculty, staff and administrators strive to partner with families in supporting students’ overall wellness.

“We want those who support our students off campus to be aware of Scots Health so that they can remind their students to take advantage of this service when they’re not feeling well or become overwhelmed,” the dean said. “At a time when there is so much concern for and anxiety over students’ physical and mental health, I’m pleased we’re able to offer Scots Health.”

Administrators at Maryville College learned about TimelyMD through the Association of Presbyterian Colleges and Universities (APCU), which lists the telehealth company as a strategic partner.

Numerous colleges and universities have signed up for TimelyMD services in recent months, including Johns Hopkins University.

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