Missed "Great Beginnings?" Have your questions answered here.

Great Beginnings is the name of our summer orientation for new students and their parents at Maryville College.  In addition to providing students with opportunities to meet staff, faculty advisors, and fellow students, Great Beginnings also teaches parents important strategies for supporting their MC freshmen.  New college parents as well as more experienced ones find the Great Beginnings sessions helpful as they learn the values and history of MC, how things work, what services are available to their students and what to anticipate during the first year of college.

For parents who are unable to participate in Great Beginnings, or for parents who want to revisit some of the topics, we offer a selection of videos recorded during the 2015 Great Beginnings  program. Click a topic below and enjoy!


Welcome Session

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What is the culture and identity of Maryville College?

Advising: how does it work at Maryville College?

Orientation: what are some activities, traditions and opportunities?

Anxiety: what if I'm an introvert?

Privacy laws: how can I see my student's grades?


Becoming a Great College Parent

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How do meal plans work?

What we know about college students today

Role-play #1: Dropping off your student

Role-play #2: Excitement during an early phone call

Role-play #3: 'I hate my roommate'

Role-play #4: Your student comes home three weekends in a row

Role-play #5: Midterms are coming up and you call to ask how your student is doing in class


What's next?

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Helpful advice from former Dean Vandy Kemp