Students are represented in campus governance by the Student Government Association (SGA). SGA is composed of representatives elected by the student body and establishes committees to supervise specific areas of student life and to study student concerns. The voting body consists of Senators elected by the student body to represent classes, residence halls, and commuting students. Ex-officio members include class officers, advisors, and the Government Cabinet composed of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Parliamentarian, and Public Relations Officers, and others. SGA is advised by selected members of the staff and faculty. Weekly meetings are held on Thursdays at 12:30 p.m. in Thaw Hall, room 216; meetings are open and all are welcome to attend. Duties and responsibilities for SGA are outlined in the Student Government Constitution. Specific issues and concerns relating to student life are guided by the Student Government Association. Students interested in running for office or serving on College committees should contact their Student Government representative or the SGA Advisor at 865.981.8193.


Students may also serve on any Student Government Committee. The chair of each committee must be a member of SGA and will be responsible for reporting the activities of that committee to the SGA. Any student interested in serving on a SGA committee, should contact the SGA President.

The standing committees include:

  • Internal Affairs Committee: primarily handles internal SGA affairs including, but not limited to, the Constitution, the Covenant, Elections, and Public Relations from SGA to the campus community. The chair or co-chair acts as Elections Deputy.
  • Campus Life and Affairs Committee: primarily handles interactions between the campus and the SGA including, but not limited to, Food Services, Residence Life, Spirit and Traditions, and Traffic and Safety issues.
  • Non-Traditional Student Affairs Committee: primarily handles the issues and concerns of non-traditional students including, but not limited to, commuters, students over the age of 23, students with children, international students, and CELL students.
  • Compassion Committee: primarily shows concern for fellow students on behalf of the SGA in times of need including, but not limited to, illness, death of family or friend, times of need on campus, etc.
  • Financial, Budgetary, and Organizational Affairs Committee: the primary connection between student organizations and the SGA. This committee oversees the Council of Presidents as well as the budget process and ensures that organizations are upholding their governing documents and are in accordance with all school guidelines.

For information regarding campus clubs, organizations, or activities, contact the Director of Campus Life at 865.981.8194, Bartlett Hall, Room 306.

Student Government 2015 - 2016

  • President: David Clifford
  • Vice President: Chase Condrone
  • Treasurer: Bethany Evans
  • Secretary: August Greer
  • Parliamentarian: Eric Lipka
  • Clerk: Joshua Ramsey
  • Minority Representative: Taylor Rigatti
  • Public Relations: Mark Clifford
  • Chief Justice: Blaine Coyle

Senior - Class of 2016

  • President: Brittany Miller
  • Vice President: Jackie Fowler
  • Sec/Tres: Shea Bryant
  • Senators: Camilla Loggins & Caitlin Shearer

Junior - Class of 2017

  • President: Angel Schild
  • Vice President: Gesenia Burley
  • Sec/Tres: Tanginique Nolan
  • Senators: Adelyn Bryson & Virginia Johnson

Sophomore - Class of 2018

  • President: Hannah Kirby
  • Vice President: Peyton Jollay
  • Sec/Tres: Amanda Smith
  • Senators: Aley Goodlett & Eddie Small

Freshman - Class of 2018

  • President: Roland Parker
  • Vice President: Allison Aguado
  • Sec/Tres: Myka Bland
  • Senators: Mitch Davis & Victoria Deal

Commuter Senators:

  • Caitlin Jennings
  • Shelby Lanz
  • Dakota McMahan

Commuter Reps:

  • Bethany Bradford
  • Susan Renaud Mitchell

Hall Senators:

  • Beeson: Sarah Feely
  • Carnegie: Bailey Kitts
  • Copeland: Zachary Vitale
  • Court Street: Carter Habeeb
  • Davis: Savannah Bain
  • Gamble: Wil Manuel
  • Gibson: Giovani Gutierrez
  • Lloyd: Brian Bonanno
  • Pearsons: Beau Branton

International Senator:

  • Souha Arbi

International Rep:

  • Ji Soo Lee


  • Ben Wicker (staff)
  • Dr. Nathan Duncan (faculty)

Open positions are filled during the year through special elections. Please visit the SGA Office in Bartlett 308 for more information.