Speakers & Experts

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  Name Area of Expertise
Dr. Aaron Astor Associate Professor of History Civil War era; Tennessee history; Appalachian history; African American history; 19th century US history; Contemporary politics View More
Dr. Karen Beale Associate Professor of Psychology Healthy Sexuality, Sex Education, Romantic Relationships, Attraction, Communication, Love, Emotion, Adolescent Development, Learning Theories, Statistics View More
Ms. Jessica Boor Prevention Education Coordinator Topics related to sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking, intimate partner violence, relationships, and gender-based violence, in addition to prevention strategies in regards to violence and alcohol/drug abuse.
Dr. Crystal Colter Professor of Psychology First-generation college students, Hispanic student access to higher education, racial prejudice/discrimination, DACA/undocumented students' access to higher education View More
Dr. Nathan Duncan Associate Professor of Chemistry Chemistry, Beer Brewing View More
Dr. Anna Engelsone Assistant Professor of Mathematics Operations research, business analytics and data science, database management systems View More
Dr. Cynthia Gardner Chair, Division of Education, Associate Professor of Education and Director of Teacher Education Teaching science in elementary and middle school; creating positive learning environments; teaching children outdoors View More
Mr. Bruce Guillaume Director of Mountain Challenge Mountain Challenge; Outdoors; Fit.Green.Happy.(R) View More
Dr. Zachary Himmelberger Lecturer in Psychology Spatial navigation in Down syndrome, spatial cognitions, more broadly cognition in people with intellectual disabilities, people's attitudes towards those with intellectual disability View More
Mr. Jim Humphrey Director of Military Recruiting and Outreach 30 years of diverse organizational leadership within the US and abroad; Strategic planning and organizational change management; Leadership education and development; Small business development and marketing-assisting veteran start-ups; Project management. View More
Dr. A. Reeves Johnson Assistant Professor of Economics Macroeconomics, economic policy, money and banking, political economy View More
Dr. L. Gabie Kerr Lecturer in Management PhD in Organizational Leadership; Career Development; military students View More
Dr. Alicia Massie-Legg Senior Lecturer in Music Music History; Singing; U.S. Music View More
Ms. Christy McDonald Slavick Director of Career Center Industry partnerships and engagement; workforce needs and outlook; technology; workplace generation gap; internships; entrepreneurship; college (on-campus) partnerships View More
Mr. John McMurtrie Director of Safety and Security Interviewing; Criminal Investigations; Court Testimony View More
Dr. Jennifer Flynn Oody Assistant Professor of Exercise Science exercise science, physical activity, child health and outdoor time as it relates to health outcomes View More
Dr. Sam Overstreet Chair, Division of Languages & Literature, Professor of English, Ralph S. Collins Professor in the Humanities The Middle Ages; English grammar View More
Dr. Dan Ross Associate Professor of Mathematics Mathematics education, mathematics curriculum and state standards, educational assessment View More
Dr. Lori Schmied Professor of Psychology, Coordinator of Neurosciences Neuroscience (brain & behavior); Drugs & Behavior; History of Psychology, Neuroscience, Medicine View More
Dr. Ariane Schratter Professor of Psychology Child trauma, trauma-sensitive schools View More
Dr. Phillip Michael Sherman Chair, Division of Humanities, Associate Professor of Religion Hebrew Bible/Old Testament; Islam; Evangelicalism and Fundamentalism; Animal Studies View More
Dr. Eric Simpson Assistant Professor of Music; Director of Bands; Conductor of the Orchestra at Maryville College Music - instrumental. Music education. Orchestra. Band. Temporal judgment of music performance. History of the American school band movement. View More
Dr. Jesse Smith Lecturer in Mathematics Commutative Ring Theory (in particular, Zero-Divisor Graphs) View More
Dr. Jeremy Steeves Associate Professor of Exercise Science Exercise Science, Exercise Physiology, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Health, Measurement and Assessment of Physical Activity, Occupational Physical Activity, Happiness, Wellness View More
Ms. Jan Taylor Assistant Academic Dean, Senior Lecturer in Composition Creative Writing View More
Ms. Sarah Taylor Yeaple Assistant Director of Career Center Career development & professional resource curriculum development; Strategic relationships & partnership development for higher education View More
Ms. Rosa Toledo Adjunct Instructor of Spanish Hispanic Community in East Tennessee, DACA status as well as DACA Advocacy and Immigrant Advocacy groups in East Tennessee (AKIN, Centro Hispano) and Hispanic Cultural Organizations (HoLa Hora Latina). View More
Mr. Kim Trevathan Associate Professor of Writing Communication Tennessee River, outdoor writing/columns, Cumberland River, canoeing, canoe camping View More
Dr. Melanie V. Tucker Vice President and Dean of Students Crisis Management; Mental Health; Post-secondary Students with Disabilities; Inclusive Learning Environments; College Transitions; Higher Education Administration View More
Dr. David Unger Associate Professor of Biology Predator/Prey Dynamics (Primarily Wolves, Black Bear, Mountain Lion, Lynx, American Marten), Predator Ecology, Wildlife Ecology and Population Dynamics, General Ecology, Wildlife Recovery, Evolution, Natural Selection, Conservation, Environmental Science and Issues, Zoology. View More
Mr. William White Assistant Professor in American Sign Language American Sign Language / English Interpreting View More
Ms. Stacey Wilner Senior Lecturer in Music, Director of Choral Activities Music education advocacy, choral music performance, vocal performance techniques within an ensemble, non-verbal communication, group facilitation, group leadership techniques, team building, international performance travel, career paths in choral music, choral music history View More