Alumni Citations &
Kin Takahashi Young Alumni Award

 On Friday, October 18, the Alumni Awards Ceremony will be held in the Clayton Center for the Arts' Harold and Jean Lambert Recital Hall at 1:30 p.m.  Students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of the College are all welcome and the event is free. There will be a reception to follow.  Below are the winners of the 2019 Alumni Citation Award and Kin Takahashi Award for 2019.  Would you like to nominate someone for an Alumni Award?  Tap this link to find out more about the 2020 Awards.

Alumni Citation Award 2019


Arthur Masker

Arthur S. "Art" Masker came from a modest home in White Plains, NY. Art & Marty Frazier Masker '67 have celebrated 50 years of marriage, and this Bicentennial year, 2019, Art is a Golden Scott! Art and Marty are proud parents and grandparents of a close-knit family. Art holds a bachelor's degree in psychology from Maryville College, and a master's degree in educational psychology from UT-Knoxville, with additional post-graduate work in administration and educational supervision. 

At Maryville College his liberal arts education prepared him for his service directing Friendsville Academy, followed by 14 years as CEO of Holston Home in Greeneville, Tenn. Beginning in 1999 he was promoted to program administrator in 1983 and promoted again to vice-president for program services in 1997.  Under his leadership, the size and scope of the agency's services more than doubled. Since that time and until he retired in 2013, Art served as director of several of Holston Home's program divisions an agency recognized by regional, state and national experts in the child care field.

In addition to his responsibilities, Masker has served in several professional leadership positions, including two terms as president of the Tennessee Association for Child Care, and two years as president of the Tennessee Conference on Social Welfare. He has served as a state representative to the Southern Leadership Council of the Child Welfare League of America (CWLA) and the Residential Advisory Task Force of the CWLA. In 1996, he received the CWLA Child Advocacy Award for the 14-state Southern Region.  In 2011, Masker was recognized as Children and Youth Services' Administrator of the Year by the national United Methodist Association on Health and Welfare Ministries. 

Art is an active volunteer leader with the Boy Scouts of America and serves in many leadership roles at Asbury United Methodist Church in Greeneville. As a teenager, Art worked with troubled youth and was active with boy scouts.

His work has taken him throughout the country and mission trips have connected him with foreign countries. His entire life, he has always focused on making life better for young people. His passion, especially for scouts, has continued in his retirement.

Kin Takahashi Award for Young Alumni 2019


Matt Murrill

Matthew "Matt" Murrill was very impressive as a student and has continued to excel in his studies post-Maryville College. Matthew is currently an MD-PhD student in the Department of Epidemiology at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. After completing undergraduate studies in chemistry at Maryville College, he moved to Kolkata, India as a Fulbright-Nehru fellow to research the sources and health effects of groundwater arsenic contamination in Eastern India with the School of Environmental Studies-Jadavpur University.

He then worked for Calcutta Kids, a non-governmental organization, to establish a childhood diarrhea treatment program aimed at alleviating the burden of undernutrition in a peri-urban community north of Kolkata. During his medical education, he became interested in infectious disease, patient support systems, and implementation science. His dissertation research focuses on understanding treatment retention and quality of life of patients with drug-resistant tuberculosis in India.

Matt has returned to campus to talk to the MC community about his research (as a Community Conversations Series lecture), and he has Skyped with students on other occasions.


Distinguished Service Award 

An award known as “Distinguished Service Award” may be made to any alumnus/a of Maryville College who has rendered such service in professional, business, civic, social or religious endeavor as to benefit humankind and bring honor to the College, or who has rendered unusual service in any capacity on behalf of the College. This award will be presented at Convocation.

Alumni Citation

An award known as an “Alumni Citation” may be made to any alumnus/a of Maryville College who has demonstrated outstanding leadership or initiative service in his/her community, church or chosen profession. This award will be presented at Homecoming.

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2019 - Arthur Masker, 1969
2018 - William Heird, 1958
2018 - Betty Hammers Wiley, 1953
2017 - Richard Henderson, 1957
2017 - Melissa Barker Johnson, 1990
2016 - James Cummings, 1956
2016 - E. Ross Hamory, 1970
2015 - Steven Diggs, 1988
2015 - George Poland, 1961
2014 - William DeWeese, 1964
2014 - C. Randy Massey, 1981
2013 - Paul Elliott, 1963
2013 - George Schember, 1963
2012 - Alvin Baker, 1972
2012 - Thomas Jones, 1952
2011 - T. Bryson Struse, 1961
2011 - Melissa Walker, 1985
2010 - G. Donald Hickman, 1970
2010 - Carl McDonald, 1963
2009 - Alvin Nance, 1979
2009 - Elizabeth Welsh *, 1959
2008 - Terry Dick Dykstra, 1961
2008 - Roger Nooe, 1962
2007 - George Carpenter *, 1953
2007 - James McCall, 1957
2006 - Corita Erwin Swanson, 1958
2006 - Mary Lee Witherspoon, 1956
2005 - Martha Hess, 1967
2005 - Robert Shelton *, 1955
2004 - George Ogle, 1951
2004 - Kenneth Tuck, 1954
2003 - Sue Anthony Dawson, 1969
2003 - Penny Proffitt Piper, 1969
2003 - Sharon Youngs, 1979
2002 - Harold Cones, 1965
2002 - Sheridan Greaser, 1960
2002 - John Shew *, 1951
2002 - Susie Shew *, 1952
2002 - Sarah McNiell *, 1953
2001 - Frank Cross *, 1942
2001 - Clifford Henry, 1950
2001 - Stanley Shields *, 1937
2000 - James Fisher, 1955
2000 - Clyde Flanagan, 1962
1999 - Boydson Baird *, 1941
1999 - Joseph Dawson, 1969
1999 - Henry Van Hassel, 1954

* = Deceased

Kin Takahashi Award for Young Alumni

An award known as the “Kin Takahashi Award for Young Alumni” shall be given to any alumnus/a who has, within 20 years of his/her graduation of Maryville College, lived a life characteristic of College legend, Kin Takahashi, Class of 1895, who in his 36 years of living, worked tirelessly for the betterment of his alma mater, his church and his society. This award will be presented at Homecoming. 

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  • 2018 - Frank Twum-Barimah 2004 
  • 2017 - Shaun Hayes 2006 
  • 2016 - Marissa McInnis, 2004
  • 2015 - Joshua Phillips, 2006
  • 2014 - William Gavin Lodge McCammon, 1999
  • 2013 - Smith Jean-Philippe, 2000
  • 2012 - Christie Latimer Knapper, 2004
  • 2011 - Preston Fields, 2003
  • 2010 - John Trotter, 1995
  • 2009 - Yvette P. Franklin, 1998
  • 2008 - Kristi Falco, 2001
  • 2007 - Kristine Renee Tallent, 1996
  • 2006 - Erin Palmer, 1999
  • 2005 - Adriel McCord, 2000
  • 2004 - Julie Walker Danielson, 1994
  • 2003 - Christen McCammon Khym, 1996
  • 2002 - William F. Lukens, 1991
  • 2001 - John Francis Heidelberg, 1987; Karla Beard Heidelberg, 1988
  • 2000 - Jonathan A. Allision, 1990
  • 1999 - Kandis Schram, 1995

Wall of Fame

The purpose of the Wall of Fame is to recognize outstanding individuals who have contributed to Maryville College athletics. Recognition is in two categories: “Regular membership” is reserved for those student-athletes who competed for Maryville College, displaying excellence in athletic competition. Nominees for regular membership must be graduates of the College. “Special membership” is granted to those people who have been of outstanding value to the Maryville College Athletics Program. Learn more →

Do you know someone deserving of an alumni award?

The privilege of making nominations for any alumni award is given to alumni, past and present faculty and staff members and friends of Maryville College.  Nominations must be received by December 15 to be considered for awards in the following fall. 


  • Read the descriptions here and determine which award is most fitting for your nominee.
  • Fill out our nomination form.
  • It's also helpful to have materials that support your nomination (vitae, newspaper clippings, commendatory letters, etc.). If you have such items, please either scan and email them to the Alumni Office or mail to:
    Alumni Awards
    Office of Advancement
    Maryville College
    502 E. Lamar Alexander Parkway
    Maryville, TN, 37804.


Maryville College offers sincere congratulations and gratitude
for the service of these fine alumni.