Did you just get a new job or a promotion? Did you experience one of life’s great milestones, like getting married, welcoming a new family member, or retiring after a fruitful career? Or did you receive an accolade for an outstanding achievement in your work or personal life?

Let your MC Scot family know about all the great things happening in YOUR life so that we can celebrate those successes with you. Examples of what you could share with us include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Engagement
  • Marriage
  • Birth
  • Retirement
  • Promotion
  • New job
  • Recognition for a job well done
  • Award for public service

If you want to share it, we want to hear about it!

Fill out the form below to tell us what you’ve been up to and update your contact information, and we will feature these accomplishments and milestones in FOCUS magazine and the Online Class Notes so that we can brag about you.

Note about FOCUS: With only a few exceptions, Class Notes and Memoriams received between Dec. 1 through May 31 will appear in the Summer/Fall issue of FOCUS. Class Notes and Memoriams received June 1 through Nov. 30 will appear in the Winter/Spring issue of FOCUS. Notes are edited for space. Due to space limitations, we are now using an abbreviated format for the “Memoriams” section. We only include photos and obituaries for former members of MC faculty, staff, Board of Directors or the national alumni board, as well as alumni who are Wall of Fame inductees or recipients of the Alumni Citation, Kin Takahashi Award or Medallion. All others will appear in a list format.