More than 97 percent of Maryville College students receive financial aid in the form of scholarships, grants, awards or need-based assistance, making the cost competitive with public institutions. For more detailed information for first-year students, as well as transfer students, please visit the Financial Aid section overview

Maryville College Direct Costs 2020-2021

  Single Semester
Fall & Spring Semester
Tuition (Full-Time) $17,724 $35,448
Activity Fee $219 $438
Service Fee $203 $406
Room (Basic rate - See all rates) $2,952 $5,904
Meals (Gold - See all plans) $3,050 $6,100
TOTAL $24,148 $48,296
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of our students receive financial aid.

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Other Costs 2020-2021

Student Activity Fees are expended for purposes to benefit the student body in general - includes, but not limited to, student publications, athletic and other events, intramural activities, student wellness facilities, as well as support for officially recognized student organizations. A large portion of this fee is given to the student government association to support student selected activities.

Service Fees are expended to support a variety of non-instructional student services, such as the academic support center, library resources, campus technology, student health, counseling and mental health services, and others.

An Enrollment Deposit of $300 is required of all new students intending to enroll at Maryville College. Your enrollment deposit is applied towards your overall costs.

Student parking is $100.00 per year.

* The College does not manage a student health insurance plan but encourages all students to be protected by a health insurance plan. If you are not covered by a family plan, you may visit for details concerning an available policy. 


Program Specific Fees 2020-2021

Music Fees per credit: 0 1 2 3
   Majors $195 $195 $275 $355
   Non-Majors $275 $275 $550 n/a
Student Teaching Fee $120 per semester
Reading Fee $60 per credit hour


Indirect Costs 2020-2021 (Estimate)

TOTAL $4,053.00
Books and Supplies $1,240.00
Transportation $1,233.00
Personal Expenses $1,580.00

Scholarships and Need-Based Financial Aid are available to offset TOTAL COSTS.