Room prices are divided into three categories: standard, double, and premiums. Standard rooms are any double-occupancy rooms that share a community bathroom. Double rooms are any double-occupancy rooms in an upperclass building that do not have kitchens in the suite; some double-occupancy rooms will have bathrooms in the room/suite. Premium rooms are any rooms that have an added amenity – a single room; some rooms that have bathrooms in the room, suite, or apartment; a kitchen in the room, suite, or apartment.

Standard Rooms - Copeland, Davis, Gamble, and most of Pearsons Halls.

Double Rooms - Carnegie, Gibson, Lloyd, and Pearsons rooms that are double-occupancy, but have no kitchen in the suite.

Premium Rooms - All of Beeson and Court Street. Carnegie, Gibson, Lloyd, and Pearsons Hall rooms that have an attached kitchen and/or are single-occupancy. Copeland single rooms. Davis and Gamble single rooms and room 105 in each of those halls.

Private Rooms - Private rooms are available on a limited basis. Private room requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis by the Housing Coordinator and/or Director of Student Services. Pricing for private rooms should be discussed with the Housing Coordinator and are most commonly billed at premium or premium plus rates. 

Rates for 2018-2019

Standard Double Premium
$2,837 per semester $2,969 per semester $3,383 per semester
$5,674 per year $5,938 per year $6,766 per year

Board Plan:

All students living in the residence halls must have a meal plan. There are three meal plan options offered to students based on their class standings.

  • Freshman - Gold Plan only
  • Sophomore - Gold or Silver Plan
  • Junior/Seniors - Gold, Silver, or Bronze Plan
  • Any student living in a suite or apartment with a kitchen may choose from a Gold, Silver, or Bronze Plan

*Note: Prices/Plans below show the number of meals per semester. Flex dollars may be added at the student's discretion before or after purchasing one of the meal plans listed below. To add flex dollars after the beginning of a semester, call the Maryville College Business Office at 865-981-8249. Students may change their meal plans before the start of the semester and may do so by sending an email to Jessica Boor

Rates for 2018-2019

Bronze (150 meals) Silver (190 meals) Gold (230 meals)
$2,211 per semester $2,506 per semester $2,875 per semester
$4,422 per year $5,012 per year

$5,570 per year

Flex Dollar Options
Basic: $50 (no additional charge to meal plan price) Plus: $260 (additional $210 to meal plan price) Extra: $375 (additional $325 to meal plan price) Extra Plus: $450 (additional $400 to meal plan price)