Applying to Maryville College

Be successful. Make a difference. That's what Maryville is all about. Our students live and learn in a community that prepares students for enriched lives as citizens, leaders, and educated persons and provides a personal and total learning experience.

Find Application details and links by student type below

What ever your current status as a student, applying to MC is easy! Use this list to help you determine which of the  sections below you need to expand for more information. Then follow the instructions to begin your application process.

  • First-Year - an applicant currently in high school applying as a first-year college student
  • Transfer - a college student applying to transfer to MC
  • Scots Science Scholar - first-year college students interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math
  • Veteran - a student with military experience, or a spouse, or dependent with no previous college experience or anyone with VA benefits,
  • International - an applicant who is not a citizen of the United States and is currently living in another country
  • AP / IB - Advanced Placement and the International Baccalaureate programs
  • Home Schooled - Your process for admission is the same as for public or private school students
  • Dual Enrollment - enrolling in college courses while still in high school
  • Re-Admit - Students who leave the College for any reason during the academic year or take a leave of absence by staying out for a semester or longer must apply and be accepted for readmission.
  • Non-Degree - out of high school, or college and would like to take a couple classes part-time
  • Post Baccalaureate - interested in a post-degree teacher licensure

Application Process Details:

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Application Deadlines

Maryville College’s application for enrollment opens August 1. There is no application fee and there are two non-binding application rounds:

Early Action
  • Opens: 8/1/20
  • Submission Deadline: 11/1/20
  • Notification Date: Mid-Nov.

Students who apply Early Action and are accepted to the College enjoy these perks:

  • Earlier decision, scholarship, & financial aid notification
  • Priority course registration
  • Priority housing
  • First access to admitted student event

Regular Decision
  • Opens: 8/1/20
  • Submission Deadline: 5/1/21
  • Notification Date: Rolling

Students who apply Regular Decision and are accepted to the College enjoy these perks:

  • Rolling decision, scholarship, and financial aid notification
  • More flexibility in your college search timeline

Refer to our MC Application Rounds webpage for more information.

First-Year Students

Will you do well here? You will if you’ve had a strong college preparatory curriculum in high school, rank in the top half of your class, and have better than average test scores.  But, as MC student Owen Shelnutt observed, “When I applied to Maryville College, they looked at more than my transcripts and test scores. My admissions counselor helped me every step of the way, from the moment I submitted my application through starting my first semester of classes as a Maryville College student.’’ The Maryville admissions process looks at more than academic credentials. We look at the whole person and take into account extracurricular and co-curricular involvement and activities, as well as personal achievement.  That said, the basic coursework required to be considered for admission to MC is:

  • Four years of English
  • Two or more years of one foreign language
  • Three or more years of math (Algebra I and higher)
  • Two or more years of lab science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, etc.)
  • Two or more years of social science or history

Use this Checklist to assure your application is complete:

  • Completed Application for Admission. You may also download and mail your application.
  • Have your official high school (with senior year courses) and/or college transcripts sent to Maryville College.
  • High School students must submit an official ACT or SAT test score (Maryville's test codes are SAT: 1454, ACT: 3988)
  • One Core Subject Instructor Recommendation (Optional)

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Transfer Students

To apply for admission, transfer students should submit the following:

  • Completed Application for Admission. You may also download and mail your application.
  • Official transcript from EACH college attended.
  • If applicable, official transcript of high school work and scores from either the American College Testing Program (ACT) or the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) of the College Entrance Examination Board.

Students who have completed coursework at another regionally accredited college or university may be considered for admission to Maryville College in either the fall or spring semester. Generally, academic courses in which the student has earned a grade of "C" or above will be transferred and applied toward graduation requirements. College credits earned by students while they were enrolled in high school will be evaluated upon receipt of an official college transcript. Applicants are provided with an official Advanced Standing Estimate upon request.

Maryville College Transfer Pathways

Students planning to transfer from a Tennessee community college to Maryville College can find transfer course equivalencies and complete degree plans for all Maryville College degrees listed by major by following the link below.

View our Transfer Pathways

Transfer applications are evaluated under the following guidelines:

  • Applicants with 30 semester hours or more in college-level academic coursework are evaluated based on cumulative college GPA. These applicants are not required to submit ACT or SAT scores, but if accepted must provide official high school transcripts to enroll.
  • Applicants who have earned fewer than 30 semester hours in college-level work must submit a transcript of high school work and ACT or SAT test scores that meet the standards for freshman admission. Applicants who have been out of high school for three years or more are not required to submit test scores.

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Scots Science Scholar

s3 logo

The goal of the Scots Science Scholars program is to increase the number of students completing a major in STEM at Maryville College. Selected students attend a two-week summer experience in August prior to the beginning of the academic year. Students live on campus and should have no other responsibilities during that time. Participants are also strongly encouraged to live on campus throughout the academic year. Scots Science Scholars are expected to participate in our academic support programming 6 hours per week during the academic year and to attend STEM enrichments events (expert lectures or field trips) each semester.

S3 invites applicants who are seriously considering one or more of the following majors:

  • Biochemistry (including pre-professional)
  • Biology (including pre-professional and teacher licensure)
  • Bio-pharmaceutical science
  • Business Analytics
  • Chemistry (including teacher licensure)
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering (Dual degree program)
  • Mathematics (including teacher licensure)

The application process requires:

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Military Friendly School

VA Benefits

Maryville College welcomes all Veterans and spouses or dependents of Veterans who would like to begin or continue their college education. The College will accept courses from the Community College of the Air Force as well as other military coursework using the American Council on Education Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services.

The Yellow Ribbon Program

Maryville College participates in the Post-911 Yellow Ribbon program. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) determines the amount of each individual Veteran's eligibility.  Through the Yellow Ribbon Program, the VA and Maryville College will cover 100% of the cost of veterans' tuition and fees.  

To apply for admission, potential students should submit the following:

  • Completed Application for Admission as:
    • First-Year student if you are a spouse or dependent with no previous college experience.
    • Transfer student if you have military or other college experience.
  • You may also elect to download and mail your application. 
  • Have your official high school and/or college transcripts sent to Maryville College.
  • Submit a copy of your DD214, a copy of your Certificate of Eligibility, and any military or college transcripts.


For more Information:

For more information, please contact our Admissions Office at 800-597-2687 or review our Veterans' Support page.

Jim Humphrey, Assistant Admissions Director for Transfer & Veteran Recruiting
Kathi Wilson, Registrar & VA Certifying Official

International Students

Find information regarding how to get started here, whether you want to stay with us for five weeks, one semester, one year or four years. Select from the options below.

Admission Information For: 


This option is for students who wish to complete a full four-year degree.  Includes information for first year students and transfer applicants.


This option is for students who wish to take undergraduate classes for up to one academic year.


Select this option if you have already completed some undergraduate coursework.

Do you need additional English Language Preparation?

Intensive English (ESL)

Select this option if you want to come to Maryville College to improve your English.


Maryville College awards credit through the Advanced Placement (AP) program of the College Entrance Examination Board and the International Baccalaureate program. Students who achieve a minimum score of 4 on AP examinations or 4 on IB examinations will be granted college credit and may be eligible for advanced placement in college courses upon approval of the instructional departments involved. Applicants should submit requests for Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate credit during the summer prior to enrollment.

Dual Enrollment Students

Maryville College welcomes qualified high school juniors and seniors to take college level courses on a space available basis. Students are considered for admission as Dual Enrollment students if they have a minimum 3.0 grade point average OR a minimum ACT of 21 (SAT of 1060.) Students must reapply for each term they wish to enroll as dual enrollment student at Maryville College. Even if a high school student meets all academic criteria to be admitted into the dual enrollment program, Maryville College will only place high school students in college classes if space is available. With limited space in many introductory level courses, priority is given to current full time Maryville College students over dual enrollment applicants.

At this time, due to limited space in other introductory level courses, Dual Enrollment students may not enroll in the following courses:

ENG 108 Fundamentals of College Writing
ENG 150 Oral Rhetoric
MTH 110 Quantitative Literacy
STA 120 Introductory Statistics

Dual Enrollment English 110 and 120

Special sections of English 110 Composition and Speech I  will be offered in the Fall semester, and English 120 Composition and Speech II will be offered in the Spring semester of each year for high school Dual Enrollment students provided each section has a minimum enrollment of 15 students. Classes will meet MWF from 8:00 – 8:50 a.m. or TR 8:00 – 9:15 a.m. on the Maryville College campus. Students must apply by May 1 for the fall term and October 1 for the spring semester. Confirmation of class placement will occur by mid-April for fall and mid-October for spring (for English 110 and 120 ONLY).


The deadline for submitting completed Dual Enrollment applications for the fall term is May 1 and October 1 for the spring term. Before a student’s dual enrollment application can be considered, the applicant must send the following:

  • completed application including course preference
  • updated high school transcript or ACT/SAT scores
  • permission form signed by the high school principal or school counselor

The cost per Dual Enrollment course is $500. Students may apply for the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation (TSAC) Dual Enrollment Grant. The TSAC Dual Enrollment Grant pays $500 per course for the first and second course taken, $200 for the third course taken, and zero dollars for the fourth course taken. TSAC Deadline is May 1, 2020.

For classes other than English 110 and 120, notification and confirmation of class placement will occur no earlier than August 15 for the fall term or December 1 for the spring term. Students wishing to change their scheduled class after this time may encounter difficulties due to limited or no seats remaining.  The College reserves the right to cancel classes due to low enrollment or other unforeseen circumstances. In such cases, the College will make every effort to place affected students in an appropriate alternative course and will notify them immediately.

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Re-Admit Students

Students who leave the College for any reason during the academic year or take a leave of absence by staying out for a semester or longer must apply and be accepted for readmission.

To apply for readmission, students should submit the following documents to the Office of the Registrar:

  • Completed Application for Admission. Apply online, or download and mail your application.
  • Official transcript(s) of all work completed since leaving Maryville College.
  • If the withdrawal was for medical reasons, a letter from a treating physician, psychologist or counselor indicating applicant is ready to return to the College.
  • If applicant was employed as a requirement for readmission, a letter from each supervisor indicating applicant’s responsibilities, weeks/hours employed, and level of performance.
  • Any other materials required to fulfill specific expectations established in applicant’s withdrawal from Maryville College.

No action on reinstatement can be taken by the Committee on Advanced Standing until all required materials have been received.

Post Baccalaureate

Students who are working towards their teacher licensure degree and are classified as post-baccalaureate students may be eligible to receive financial assistance. 

To apply as post-bacc student, please submit the following:

  • Completed Application for Admission. You may also download and mail your application.
  • Official transcript from EACH college attended.
  • Any additional Forms & Information for Post-Bacc Students

Begin Post-Bacc Application

Non-Degree Students

Students who are enrolled and classified as a non-degree seeking students (only taking one or two classes, audit or for-credit) are not eligible for financial assistance.  

To apply as non-degree student, please submit the following:

  • Forms & Information for Non-Degree Students
  • Completed Application for Admission. You may also download and mail your application.
  • Official college transcripts or other documentation may be requested.

Begin Non-Degree Application



Fly Maryville Logo

The Fly Maryville Program is available for any high school junior, senior or college transfer student who flies to our campus for an official visit from September through April. The student purchases an airline ticket and submits proof of the purchase to the Admissions office at the time of any official visit. Upon enrolling full-time at MC, the College will credit $300 to the student’s first semester tuition.