Maryville College Transfer Pathways

If you’re planning on transferring to Maryville College from a two-year community college in Tennessee, these transfer pathways will help you plan your coursework at the community college so that you can be sure that the coursework will transfer successfully and you will be making the most rapid progress possible toward your four-year bachelor’s degree.

If you’ve already been pursuing the two-year associate’s degree by following one of the Tennessee Transfer Pathways developed for the four-year colleges and universities of the public system (the Tennessee Board of Regents and University of Tennessee systems), you’ll want to know that Maryville College accepts the public universities’ Tennessee Transfer Pathways. You can complete that pathway and still earn a Maryville College degree within the same four-year time-frame as if you had begun your studies at Maryville. In any detail, though, where a Maryville College transfer pathway differs from that of the public universities, you will maximize the speed of your progress toward a Maryville College degree by following the Maryville College pathway.

Associate’s Degree MC Bachelor’s Degree
Art (A.A.) Art (B.A.)
Design (B.A.)
Biology (A.S.) Biology (B.A.)
Biology (B.S.)
Chemistry (A.S.) Biochemistry (B.A.)
Biochemistry (B.S.)
Chemistry (B.A.)
Chemistry (B.S.)
Computer Science Computer Science (B.A.)
Criminal Justice (A.S.) Criminal Justice (B.A.)
Economics (A.A. or A.S.) Economics (B.A.)
Elementary Education - (A.A.) Child Development for Teacher Licensure (B.A.)
English (A.A.) English (B.A.)
English for Teacher Licensure (B.A.)
Exercise Science  (A.S.) Exercise Science (B.S.)
Health & Wellness Promotion (BA)
Finance/Accounting (A.S.) Finance/Accounting (B.A.)
Foreign Language (A.A.) Spanish (B.A.)
Spanish for Teacher Licensure (B.A.)
Teaching English as a Second Language (B.A.)
General (A.A. or A.S.) American Sign Language-English Interpreting (B.A.)
American Sign Language and Deaf Studies (B.A.)
Biology for Teacher Licensure (B.A.)
Chemistry for Teacher Licensure (B.A.)
Environmental Studies (B.A.)
Outdoor Studies & Tourism (B.A.)
Religion (B.A.)
Writing Communication (B.A.)
History  (A.A. or A.S.) History (B.A.)
History for Teacher Licensure (B.A.)
International Affairs (A.A.) International Business (B.A.)
International Studies (Asia)
International Studies (Global)
International Studies (Hispanic)
Management (A.S.) Human Resource Management (B.A.)
Management (B.A.)
Marketing (A.S.) Marketing (B.A.)
Mathematics (A.S.) Mathematics (B.A.) 
Mathematics (B.S.) 
Mathematics for Teacher Licensure (B.A.) 
Business Analytics (B.S.) 
Music (A.F.A.) Music (B.A.)
Music Education - Instrumental (B.M.)
Music Education - Vocal (B.M.)
Philosophy (A.A.) Philosophy (B.A.)
Physical Education (A.S.) Physical Education for Teacher Licensure (B.A.)
Political Science (A.A. or A.S.) Political Science (B.A.)
Pre-Dentistry (A.S.)
Pre-Health Professions (A.S.)Pre-Medicine (A.S)Pre-Optometry (A.S.)Pre-Pharmacy (A.S.)
Pre-Veterinary (A.S.)
Biology (B.A.)
Biology (B.S.)
Biochemistry (B.A.)
Biochemistry (B.S.)
Psychology (A.A or A.S.) Child Development and Learning (B.A.)
Neuroscience (B.S.)
Psychology (B.A.)
Psychology Counseling (B.A.)
Sociology (A.A. or A.S.) Sociology (B.A.)
Theatre Arts (A.A.) Theatre Studies (B.A.)
Theatre Studies for Teacher Licensure (B.A.)