The following is a list of recognized student organizations at Maryville College. To learn about starting a club or an organization, go here. 

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AIGA Maryville College

The AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) student organization will better prepare graphic design students at Maryville College for their future careers by providing them experience, insight, and connections within the graphic design community.

Advisor: Morgan Manning

President: Lauren McCarter

Alpha Psi Omega (Drama)

Alpha Psi Omega is a National Theatre Honors Society. We are a group dedicated to providing service and increasing the awareness of theatrical arts on campus and in our community. We are committed to the growth of the individual members of our society as individuals, lovers of the arts, and citizens. We operate under the support and advice of our faculty advisor, and we strive for excellence in all that we do.

Advisor: Heather McMahon

President: Leonard Lively

American Chemical Society

ACS brings together the student community and surrounding community through the common bond of science and expose younger generations to the field of science.

Advisor: Nathan Duncan

President: Sarah Glenn

Athletes for Change

The purpose of Athletes for Change is to educate, encourage, and empower the student body of Maryville College to embrace the diversity across campus and to allow the community to aid in the fulfillment of each individual's highest potential.

Advisors: Larry Ervin and David Martin

President: Patrick Messinger

Black Student Alliance

The Black Student Alliance (BSA) is an organization that was established to cater to the needs of Black/African American students in the Maryville College community. BSA is more than just an organization for black students on campus.

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BSA Leadership

President: Aaron Solomon
Vice President: Elijah Rachell
Secretary: Tatyania Watts

Circle K

The purpose of Circle K is developing college students into a global network of responsible citizens and leaders with a lifelong commitment to service. 

Advisors: Eric Bellah and Christy McDonald

President: Ian Schomer

College Democrats

MC College Democrats pledge themselves to support the philosophy and candidates of the Democratic Party.

Advisor: David Clifford

President: Kalyn Carpenter

Environmental Action Team (EAT)

The purpose of E.A.T. is to take action on sustainability issues on the MC campus and in our community and to raise awareness about environmental issues for the betterment of our planet.

Advisor: Mark O'Gorman

President: Kathryn Maley

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

FCA's purpose is to minister to college, high school, and any other campus through athletics and sports. Doing God's will and having a Christian impact on Maryville College is the main goal of FCA.

Advisors: Tyson Murphy

Presidents: Adam DiggsBlake Henderson

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Global Citizenship Organization

Purpose Statement: To promote inter-cultural exchange between multi-cultural students, faculty, and staff on Maryville College campus and raise cultural tradition awareness amongst the Maryville College community.

Advisors: Kirsten Sheppard and Micki Pruitt

President: Claudia Brito Pires

Harry Potter Club

The purpose of the Harry Potter Club at Maryville College is to combine members' passion for Harry Potter with community service. Through this our goal is to help people understand the significance of using our passions (whatever they may be) to help others. We also plan to work with the National Organization, the Harry Potter Alliance, and all of the chapters across the United States.

Advisor: Kelly Massenzo

President: Gabrielle Leonard

Highland Echo

The Highland Echo acts as a source of information for students, faculty, and staff at Maryville College.

Advisor: Kim Trevathan
Editor: David Peters
Assistant Editor: Adam Brown
Assistant Editor: Eliza Komisar
Photo Editor: Ryan Lay
Graphics Editor: Rachel Britt
Online Editor: Shelby Burchfield

Hult Prize

The Hult Prize organization is lead by a campus director who facilitates student participation in the campus-wide contest for being selected to compete in the regional Hult Prize round of competition.

Advisor: John Gallagher

Campus Director: Kalyn Carpenter

Impressions (Literary Magazine)

Impressions organizes and produces an annual publication of student/staff creative works and hosts events related to creative works.

Advisor: Christina Seymour

Editor: Brinley Knowles

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

Intervarsity shows the students of Maryville College how to grow in God's Word.

Advisor: Sam Overstreet
President: Danielle Everett

Intramural Sports

Intramural sports and casual recreation through club sports are also an extension of the educational process at Maryville College. About two-thirds of all students participate in varsity athletics, club sports, or intramurals at Maryville. Independent teams vie for championships in flag football, dodgeball, and softball.

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The purpose of KINESIS is to offer a community to students interested in health sciences and pursuing careers in health related fields. We plan to provide students with career building opportunities, such as internships, volunteer sites, and shadowing connections. In connection to our health mission, we plan to host many events that not only promote health and wellness to the local and Maryville College community, but are also part of the fun and social environment this campus has.

Advisors: Jennifer Oody and Jeremy Steeves

President: Lilly Marttala


The purpose of MC3D is to educate interested members of the community about the applications of 3D printing, provide 3D printer access, software, materials, techniques for us, repair of the machines, and associated software.

Advisors: Jesse Smith and Chase Worley

President: Doug Cecelic

Latino Student Alliance

The purpose of the Latino Student Alliance is to increase awareness of the fast growing population in the US while at the same time learning about culture, music, food, and dancing.

Advisor: Dr. Doug Sofer
President: Alan Miramontes Flores

Maryville Astronomical Society (MArS)

The purpose of MArS is to educate the Maryville College community about astronomy in a fun and interactive way by holding engaging meetings and star-gazing events. These events will allow individuals to observe and learn about various astronomical events that occur locally including: transits, meteor showers, lunar eclipses, comets, and other rare or common events.

Advisor: Angela Quick

President: Lishika Lange

MC Catholic Student Association

The purpose of the Maryville College Catholic Student Association is to promote the teachings of the Catholic church through service work, spiritual gathering, and Maryville College's campus and community.

Advisor: John Gallagher
President: Dawson Hope

MC Dance Ensemble

The purpose of the MC Dance Ensemble is to bring a novel aspect of the performing arts to campus in hopes that it will enhance community involvement and general appreciation for the art of dance.

Advisor: Becky Davis

Student Leaders:
Rachel Britt - Captain
Alyssa Miller - Officer
Lilly Marttala - Officer


MC Equestrian Team

Equestrian Club Facilities Quick Facts:

  • Member of the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association Zone 5, Region 1    
  • Competitive hunt seat team and host of IHSA hunter seat horse shows  
  • Roster includes riders ranging in experience from none through national competition 
  • Team members have shown at IHSA Nationals several times in the last few seasons
  • Riders of all levels are invited to join the club   
  • Several weekly opportunities for instruction and practice included in a $500 per semester riding fee
  • 90 acre farm
  • 18 stall barn with options for paddock and pasture board
  • Extra-large all weather arena
  • Riding opportunities through pastures, rolling hills and woodland trails
  • Tack rooms and storage space
  • Plenty of space for trailer parking

See our website for more information → 

MC Votes

MC Votes is a student-led initiative intended to increase voter registration prior to elections in addition to being a non-partisan group to promote civic responsibility on campus.

Advisor: TBD

President: Ali Lawson

MC Gamers

The purpose of the MC Gamers is to create a gaming oriented community on the Maryville College campus.

Advisor: Robert Lowe

Presidents: Maren Daniels and Dagen Pointer

Mountain Challenge
Non-Profit Leadership Alliance

Non-Profit Leadership Alliance is a national alliance of colleges, universities, and nonprofit organizations that prepares and certifies college students for professional careers in youth and human service agencies. American Humanics is affiliated with more than 75 colleges and universities nationwide including Maryville College, and partners with more than 50 national nonprofit organizations including the YMCA, the March of Dimes, and Boy Scouts of America.

Advisor: Amy Gilliland
President: Daniel Boyer

Peace & World Concerns

The committee provides outlets for expressing global concern through educational programming and international projects.

Advisor: Anne McKee
Presidents: Ariel Kaylor and Jacob Williams


PRIDE promotes equality and tolerance as it pertains to LGBTQ+ issues, women's issues, and social issues.

Advisors: Nancy Locklin-Sofer

President: Jennilyn Grover

Progressive Christian Community

The primary purpose of the Progressive Christian Community is to come together and share about faith. It is intentionally inclusive of all people, and it seeks to place Christian faith and values into the context of the twenty-first century and beyond. It is a place where questions and ambiguity are affirmed as valid, constructive acts.

Advisor: Anne McKee
President: Samuel Phillips

Psi Chi/Psychology Club

The purpose of Psi Chi is to encourage, stimulate, and maintain excellence in scholarship and to advance the science of psychology. Primary objectives include: providing academic recognition to inductees and psychology, child development, neuroscience, and education majors or minors and nurturing accomplishment in the field of psychology.

Advisor: Karen Beale

President: Gabriella Chavarria 

Residence Hall Association

RHA works together with all the residence halls on the Maryville College campus to ensure the interest of all residents by offering fellowship through educational and social programming, monitoring residential life policies, and leadership development through training.

Advisors: Caroline Terry

President: Justin Keisker


TED is a global community, welcoming people from every discipline and culture who seek a deeper understanding of the world. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx (an independently organized event) is a program that brings people together to share ideas in communities and experiences/stories for inspiration and education. Tedx would give Maryville College the opportunity to share the unique innovation and ideas that their community is creating.

Advisors: Robert Lowe and Mark O'Gorman

Lead Organizer: Ahmed Etman

Sigma Lambda Kappa (Sign Language)

Sigma Lambda Kappa is designed to provide opportunity for those interested to become involved in various areas of the deaf community. It exists to provide opportunities for those interested in Interpreting and Deaf Studies to sharpen their ASL skills through attendance at club events.

Advisor: Peggy Maher

President: Ashley Argo

Student Government Association
Student Programming Board
Student Veterans Association

The mission of the Student Veterans Association is to assist veterans and family members in addressing the challenges associated with the transition from military service to being actively engaged in the college experience and to hold the responsibility for initiating, planning, developing and implementing strategies and programs which are sensitive to the needs of our veterans and their dependents in their mission of graduation from Maryville College.

Advisors: Ted Higgs and Jill Bolton
President: Paula Buckingham

Study Abroad Ambassadors

The goal of the Study Abroad Ambassadors is to promote study abroad on campus. We are made up of students who have previously studied abroad.

Advisor: TBD

President: Justis Owens

Tri-Beta Biology Club

The overall goal of Tri-Beta is to improve scientific understanding and enhance appreciation for biological systems throughout the Maryville College campus and the surrounding community. Our organization intends to be an active member of the Beta Beta Beta National Honors Society. We would like to connect students with interests in biology and provide support through group activities, speakers, and assistance with research and internship opportunities. 

Advisor: Dave Unger

President: Victoria Deal

Voices of Praise
Young Life

Young Life's Purpose is to build relationships with students and create a community where the gospel is shared and presented in a relational way by walking in life together.

Advisor: Eric Bellah

President: Janie Boals