Maryville College respects your privacy, and has developed this policy to communicate the ways in which we collect and use personal information from our web site. Maryville College does not sell or distribute any personal information collected from users of our site, but uses the information to track user activity, and to improve site design and navigation. We collect information in the following ways:


Cookies are small text files that are written to a specific location on your hard drive to help identify you as a user, whether to enable login access to certain areas of the site, to customize your use of the site according to your preferences, or to track activity on the site. Our web server can only retrieve cookies written to your computer by the Maryville College site. We do not knowingly or willfully exchange cookie information with any other site or third party.

You may delete cookies from your computer and/or disable your browser’s ability to receive them. Be advised, however, that some web pages may not work properly without them.

Log files

The Maryville College web server generates log files that indicate the number of users during a specific time period, the IP addresses of their network, ISP, or computer, their geographic location, and the pages they view while visiting the site. Maryville College analyzes this information to improve user experience and site design. We do not share this information with any other organizations.

Voluntarily Provided User Information

Maryville College collects information from users through various web-based forms on the web site. This information is used for event registration, alumni updates, online applications for admissions, athletics recruiting questionnaires, and general inquiries. This information is forwarded to a specific faculty or staff representative for processing. It is not provided to any outside organization. If you are not comfortable submitting this information online, you may contact the appropriate representatives by phone or regular mail.


The Maryville College web site uses encryption technology provided by GoDaddy to prevent any information submitted through online forms from being read by unauthorized persons. Your web browser should indicate to you when you are using a page that is secure. 

Electronic newsletters

Some sections of our site offer users the opportunity to subscribe to our electronic newsletter, the Scot-e-News. The newsletter is sent to subscribers and members of other campus mailing lists on a regular basis. Each newsletter provides information about how to unsubscribe, for those who no longer wish to receive e-mail news.


If you have any questions about the privacy policy for the Maryville College web site, please contact us by e-mail at, or by phone or mail at:

Web Manager
Office of Communications
Maryville College
502 E. Lamar Alexander Parkway
Maryville, TN 37804