CCM Landing

The Samuel Tyndale Wilson Center for Campus Ministry (CCM) provides the home base for the Spiritual Life and Community Engagement programs at the college. Stop by the CCM and you’ll be likely to find a listening ear, a challenging program, or a group of students planning a service trip. Bonner, Bradford, Church and College, Isaac Anderson, and Chapel Scholar programs are all based in the CCM.  We also serve as host to many student religious groups, and many students find our space to be an inviting and quiet place to study.  You can find more information about scholarship programs, student religious groups, and community engagement on our website; also feel free to stop by any time!

The Center for Campus Ministry holds a chapel service each week from 1:15-1:50 on Tuesdays, both in person and streamed on FaceBook. This year, because of COVID-19, we have limited seating, so we're asking everyone to sign up to come, using SignUpGenius. It's simple - you can see who is speaking each Tuesday and sign up for the weeks you can come. Just please make sure to come, so you're not taking someone's spot.

Our worship theme this year is “Behind the Mask.” The challenge of COVID-19 is unfolding daily in new ways, as are the imperatives to address and correct racism, and to create community in the midst of political tension and change. Thus, the CCM’s worship series for the fall of 2020 will underscore the connections among us, and will promote appreciation of the unique stories of each member in the community. We may not see each other as completely, wearing masks, and we may not be able to be as physically close to each other as we would like, but it’s more important than ever that we share life together – that we see each other behind the masks, that we behold in each other’s face the face of God.

Speaking this fall are:

August 25: — Anne McKee
September 1: — Jason Nix
September 8: — Bryan Coker
September 15: — Jordan McCullough
September 22: — Alan Eleazer
September 29: — Vivian Hill
October 6: — Elea Forester
October 13: — Michelle Weedman
October 20: — Alexis Black
October 27: — Andrew Irvine
November 3: — Phillip Sherman
November 10: — Jan Taylor
November 17: — Anne McKee