CCM Landing

The Samuel Tyndale Wilson Center for Campus Ministry (CCM) provides the home base for the Spiritual Life and Community Engagement programs at the college. Stop by the CCM and you’ll be likely to find a listening ear, a challenging program, or a group of students planning a service trip. Bonner, Bradford, Church and College, Isaac Anderson, and Chapel Scholar programs are all based in the CCM.  We also serve as host to many student religious groups, and many students find our space to be an inviting and quiet place to study.  You can find more information about scholarship programs, student religious groups, and community engagement on our website; also feel free to stop by any time!

The Center for Campus Ministry holds a chapel service each week from 1:15-1:50 on Tuesdays. No classes are held during this protected time, so everyone is invited to gather together in a time of worship.  A student-led worship committee plans services.  

We do not hold services on campus on Sunday mornings; instead we encourage students to attend church at a local congregation. For a list of local congregations, please see our website.  We invite you to contact us if you need transportation or want more guidance in connecting with a local worshiping community.

2019-20 Chapel Program

"The Road ahead"

 The CCM's chapel theme for year 2019-20 will help the campus look forward from the bicentennial year and into the future, by focusing on "The Road Ahead." Last year, "The Roads We've Traveled" helped remind us where we have been--whether in our personal faith journeys, in the stories of faith traditions, or in the history of Maryville College. Especially in this year of transition, stories of anticipation--are we going toward a land of giants, or one flowing with milk and honey, which in the Bible turned out to be the same exact place? How have we navigated uncertain transitions in our own lives, and what have we learned from them? What navigational tools are important as we make our journeys, individually and together? What stories inspire us, whether from the college's history, from our various faith traditions, or from literature or TV? What do you see on the horizon?

Speaker Schedule

Chapel will take place at 1:15 p.m. in the Center for Campus Ministry unless otherwise noted.  Chapel will conclude in time for students and professors to attend 2:00 classes.

8/27/19 Rev. Dr. Anne McKee, Campus Minister
9/3/19 Ms. Christina Seymour, Lecturer in Writing Communication
9/10/19 Ms. Kandis Schram, Athletic Director & Head Volleyball Coach
9/17/19 Special Guest, TBA
9/24/19 International Peacemaker, The Rev. Lee Moon-Sook
10/1/19 Dr. Will Phillips, Associate Professor of English
10/8/19 Dr. Melanie Tucker, Vice President & Dean of Students
10/15/19 Dr. Nancy Locklin-Sofer, Professor of History
10/22/19 Ms. Vivian Hill, Office Manager, Residence Life
10/29/19 Ms. Kristin Gourley, Assistant Dean of Students
11/5/19 Dr. Kathryn Julian, Visiting Lecturer in History
11/12/19 Rev. Dr. Anne McKee, Campus Minister
11/19/19 Dr. Tom Bogart, President of the College
11/26/19 Thanksgiving (No chapel)
12/3/19 Special Christmas Chapel
1/14/20 Rev. Dr. Anne McKee, Campus Minister
1/21/20 Mr. Aaron Solomon, Class of 2020
1/28/20 Dr. Crystal Colter, Professor of Psychology, Assistant Dean for Retention and the First Year
2/4/20 Dr. Andrew Irvine, Associate Professor of Philosophy & Religion
2/11/20 Dr. Heather McMahon, Professor of Theater
2/18/20 Ms. Maria Vanegas, Class of 2020, Isaac Anderson Scholar
2/25/20 Ms. Natalie Tankersley, Class of 2020, Isaac Anderson Scholar
3/3/20 Mr. Zach Plants, Class of 2020
3/10/20 'Cummings Conversations' with Ms. Lucia Hulsether, Assistant Professor of Religion at Skidmore College
3/24/20 *NOTE: This event has been cancelled
Dr. William Meyer, Professor of Philosophy and the Ralph W. Beeson Professor of Religion
3/31/20 *NOTE: This event has been cancelled
Ms. Hayley Jeffers, Class of 2020, Chapel Scholar, Bonner Scholar
4/7/20 *NOTE: This event has been cancelled
Dr. Crystal Colter, Professor of Psychology, Assistant Dean for Retention and the First Year
4/14/20 *NOTE: This event has been cancelled
Ms. Carrie Nicely, MAST Program Administrator
4/21/20 *NOTE: This event has been cancelled
Rev. Dr. Anne McKee, Campus Minister