Assistant Professor of Sociology

Andrew Gunnoe joined the faculty at Maryville College in 2015.  He received his Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 2012.  Upon completion of his graduate work he spent two years in a Postdoctorate fellowship in the Department of Agricultural Economics & Rural Sociology at Auburn University.  His teaching and research interest include political economy, environmental sociology, and social theory.

Dr. Gunnoe’s research focuses primarily on political economy, natural resources, and land ownership.   More specifically, his research focuses on the US forest products industry and the historic transformation of forestland ownership that occurred in recent decades.  His research traces these land ownership changes to the broader structural changes in the US economy associated with the rise of financial forms of accumulation, or “financialization.”  His research has been published in leading sociology journals, including Rural Sociology and Social Forces.  Dr. Gunnoe continues to pursue research on issues related to land ownership, social justice, and the environment. 

Professor Gunnoe regularly teaches introductory sociology, social problems, social theory, and environmental sociology at Maryville College.  Students and visitors can find him in Thaw Hall, 203C. 

 Curriculum Vitae