Associate Professor of Philosophy & Religion

Maryville College's founder, Isaac Anderson, believed education has power: power to awaken a desire for, and to animate the achievement of, human excellence. I believe that, too.

I joined the faculty at Maryville College in 2007. I teach philosophy and the study of religion, because examining what people take to be most important in life, and learning to think for yourself about what really matters, can set you free to be your best. Even if you don't major in philosophy or religious studies, try a course or two - it will enrich your life.

I teach a wide array of courses, from Asian religions to Ancient philosophy, Contemporary theology to Chinese thought. With every class, I try to create an educational environment where you are expected and enabled to bring your best self.

I love to write. I have published academic and poetic work in the Journal of the American Academy of ReligionTeaching Theology and Religion, The Marginalia Review of Books and elsewhere. I co-edited the volume Postcolonial Philosophy of Religion (New York: Springer 2009), and am also co-editor of an ongoing book series in cross-cultural philosophy. I blog from time to time on religion, faith, education and other matters at is a short piece I wrote for the MC student newspaper, on the purpose of education.

Thanks for reading. I hope to meet you in person some day!