Professor of Political Science, Coordinator of Environmental Studies Program


Eighteen years teaching environmental public policy and environmental sustainability. Decade of service as an academic sustainability officer in both formal and informal capacities. Successful grant writer, including projects that funded environment, science & technology startup companies and for int'l environmental education initiatives with EU and US govt agencies. Currently working on environmental education for TN towns, watershed management programming in the southeastern US, and renewable energy development. Insuring a sustainable America is a primary national security goal.

One of three-person faculty in Political Science (PLS) major. Instructional focus in areas of: American government, public policy, public administration, campaigns and elections. judicial process/pre-law, energy policy, environmental policy and introductory environmental science. Coordinator of Environmental Studies (ENV) major. College representative to Law School Admissions Council (LSAC) national prelaw organization. Former elected Chair of Maryville College Faculty (2009-2011).


Environmental education, higher education sustainability, grant writing, green stakeholder negotiation, space policy and national security, US and Canadian campaigns, elections and politics, wetlands/ecosystem management.