Associate Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Duncan studied chemistry at Baylor University in Waco, Tx and received his B.S. in 2004.  He then continued at Baylor in the doctoral program in the lab of Dr. Charles Garner, focusing on organic synthesis of tridentate nitrogen ligands for transition metals.  He completed his doctorate in 2009 and began a postdoctoral fellowship at Oak Ridge National Lab researching three dimensional self-assembled covalently bonded polymers as well as contributing to the team of researchers developing the next generation caustic side cesium extraction process to be used to decontaminate legacy radioactive waste.
Current research interests and opportunities for Maryville College students include:

  • Natural products research
  • Water quality/environmental chemistry
  • Partnerships with major labs      

 Dr. Duncan is also the faculty advisor for the Maryville College American Chemical Society Student Affiliate.  The ACS group does community outreach in the form of educational scientific demonstrations are regional schools and on the Maryville Campus, presents research at regional and national ACS meetings as well as many great outings and excursions for our students.

Curriculum Vitae