Chair, Division of Health Sciences & Outdoor Studies, Professor of Exercise Science

I grew up in Michigan and Ohio, and did my undergraduate work in Sports Medicine and Exercise Science at Eastern Michigan University, where I also played softball. I moved to Tennessee for graduate school and discovered this area is ideally located for doing the things I love like biking, golfing, hiking and kayaking. I joined the faculty at MC because I am passionate about teaching and wanted to be somewhere that is very student focused. I believe the responsibility of a faculty member goes beyond merely teaching in the classroom, but extends to being a role model for students as well. As such, I strive to model the healthy behaviors and other concepts that my students are exposed to in my classes.

Though my graduate work was concentrated in Biomechanics and Kinesiology, I have been fortunate to teach a variety of classes, and continue to develop new courses as our program expands. I enjoy teaching courses in both my area of focus such as Kinesiology (PHR 332), Physiology of Exercise (PHR345) and courses in the Core Curriculum such as FYS 110 (First Year Seminar), which we designed specifically to explore the concept of happiness as it relates to wellness, leadership and vocation.  I am always looking for something new to offer our students that will keep them engaged and ensure they have what they need for the future.

 One of my favorite things about Maryville College is the role faculty play in advising students. To me, an advisor is much more than a person who assists students in choosing classes to complete a major.  Advising is a dynamic relationship between the advisor and student, and an advisor should serve as a guide in an interactive partnership that enhances the advisee’s self-awareness and fulfillment. In the end, the advisor empowers the advisee to reach their true educational potential. I spend a great deal of time with my advisees, and pride myself on being accessible and doing everything I can to help them attain their goals. Working with students and getting to know them on this level helps immensely when it comes to writing letters of recommendation for graduate school. Every time one of my students tells me they got into their chosen graduate program or they landed their dream job, it’s a victory.

Curriculum Vitae