Why study Criminal Justice at MC?

Are you looking for a stimulating career that provides the opportunity to serve others? A degree in Criminal Justice is a degree that prepares students to become professionals, researchers, and educators in a wide variety of contexts. Environmental protection officers, park rangers, and counselors of juveniles are fields open to graduates with criminal justice degrees. Additionally, federal agencies, such as the Secret Service, Homeland Security, Border Patrol, and Federal Probation and Parole, are seeking college graduates with criminal justice backgrounds. Other related fields include: public health (health inspector/regulation administrator), social work (case worker, child protective services agent, adult services provider), and city and state policy researchers.

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Meet a current student

Grace GassGrace Gass '19
Hometown: Greeneville, Tenn.

Grace’s fascination and intrigue with crime shows,
documentaries and movies fed her interest in the criminal
justice field. Maryville College launched its major in criminal
justice during Grace’s freshman year, and she was instantly
hooked after taking a few classes.
“I looked forward to every class, assignment and lecture
offered,” she said. “After interning with the Tennessee Bureau
of Investigation this past summer, I was able to expand my knowledge and enrich my understanding of several departments within the bureau. Now as a senior, I am fully confident that I made the right decision for my major, and I am hopeful as to where it will take me.”

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Featured Graduates

Kendyhl & Ruben RodgersKendyhl and Ruben Rodgers '15

Currently: Deputies, Blount County Sheriff’s Office

With several family members in law enforcement, the
Rodgers brothers found joining the Blount County Sheriff’s
Department to be an ideal step in their career paths. Both
were members of the Fighting Scots football team and peer
mentors/student leaders for the College’s Cooper Success
Center. Today, their career aspirations include the FBI and
DEA; Kendyhl is also considering the ATF. They credit the
College’s academics, athletics, community and leadership
opportunities with preparing them for success in their profession.
“I always wanted to make a difference in others’ lives and find ways to help people,” Kendyhl said. “This career field helps me fulfill both.”

Jacob GibbonsJacob Gibbons ’12

Currently: Deputy, Blount County Sheriff’s Office

As a student at Maryville College, Jacob’s career plans were focused on law enforcement inside the national parks, but interning with the Blount County Sheriff’s Office one summer, he realized how much he liked the work of the department.
“I had several opportunities to do ride-alongs, assist with criminal investigations and get an inside view at the function of a law enforcement agency. I applied for a fulltime, patrol position shortly after graduation and was offered the job a few months after applying. Since then, I have been selected to participate in specialized units within the agency. My ultimate career goal is to be employed as a criminal investigator (special agent) with a federal agency like the A.T.F. or Secret Service.”