Why study Political Science at MC?

Would you enjoy working for a US political campaign? Do you want to learn more about global political issues and explore solutions to some of the world’s biggest social problems through participation in the international Hult Prize competition? Would you like to take US and international pre-law courses from faculty who regularly travel abroad and have worked as D.C.-based policy analysts, international election observers and documentary film makers?

The Political Science (PLS) major at Maryville College prepares you for careers in a host of government, diplomatic, non-government, media and legal fields. Working with professors with professional experience in Washington DC and over two dozen nations around the works, PLS major students learn about political processes, institutions and the theories guiding governments around the world. They also learn how social and economic factors in those nations impact the daily work of government.

Politics comes alive in our major, providing skill sets students use to become successful interns in a host of US and global organizations, law firms and businesses. Our PLS majors have received public administration, law and public policy graduate degrees from among the best schools in the nation. They work for legislators in Nashville, Washington DC, and for leaders in a number of corners of the world. Come, and be our next political leader. The journey starts here, at Maryville College.

Maryville College Works is a comprehensive career preparation program that is integrated into the College’s four-year liberal arts curriculum. Key components include assessment, advising, networking and professional experiences.

Meet a current student

Kalyn Carpenter ’19
Hometown: Granbury, Tex.

Kalyn plans to pursue law school following graduation. During summer 2016, she interned at a law firm in her hometown and was able to work on criminal and family law cases. “The fact that the classes in the Political Science Department are structured in a way that encourages debate and discussion forces you to look at new perspectives and think critically, which is endlessly helpful in the legal world,” she said. “Moreover, I feel that these discussions have allowed me to form a stronger perspective on current global issues and think of ways to solve these problems.”

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Featured Graduate

Brian BushBrian Bush ’13
Currently: Assistant District attorney for hamilton county, tn

Brian’s Senior Study was titled “Under One God, Yet
Separate: How the Jim Crow Laws Established the Parameters of Economic, Social, and Political Parity for African-Americans Today.” He credits the critical thinking and writing required for the project with preparing him for law school. Brian earned his J.D. from the University of Tennessee in May 2016. “Majoring in political science at Maryville College provided me with the tools I needed to go do great things after graduation,” he said. “Most importantly, the program challenged me to think critically about the world around me and how I could influence positive changes in it.”

Job Placements

Apple, Inc.
Chattanooga CARES
Covenant Health
Community Alternatives to Prison Program
Helen Ross McNabb Center
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Graduate School Placements

Appalachian School of Law
East Tennessee State University, Archival Studies
Emory University, Masters of Business Administration
George Mason University School of Law
North Park University, Higher Education Administration
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Survey Research and Methodology
University of Tennessee College of Law
University of Tennessee, Master of Science in Social Work
Vrije University, Amsterdam, International Relations
Washington State University, Criminal Justice