Do you know where the local farmer’s market is held in your hometown? Or how far from your home the nearest wind turbine or solar array is located? Were you recycling (or buying organic and responsibly grown produce) before anyone else was in high school?  Do your soy-based ink FSC-certified bumper stickers, stuck to your bike or hybrid vehicle, say things like, “There is no Planet B,” or “Be Global, Act Local?” If so, the sustainability studies minor may be for you. 

As one of the fastest growing areas in the job sector and areas of study and research in the past twenty years, the sustainability studies minor is designed to complement any major and provide a lens into the economic, environmental and social tiers of any field of study. The minor provides a global perspective, all while maintaining important roots in local Appalachian culture.

Some of the careers the minor prepares students for includes: sustainability officers at colleges and universities; staff/leadership in environmental, social justice or ecological non-governmental organizations; sustainability staff for major corporations; and compliances officers in local, state, national or international governments.  

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