Mission Statement

The Academic Support Center’s Disability Services Office seeks to meet the needs of students with documented disabilities by providing appropriate and reasonable accommodations through an interactive process.  This is done to create an equal opportunity for students to demonstrate their abilities at the College, to provide equal access to programs and activities at the College, and to comply with state and federal laws to ensure students with disabilities are not subject to discrimination.

Our office is located in the lower level of Thaw Hall in the Academic Support Center.  The staff is available during regular business hours and may also be reached by phone or email (listed at bottom of page).

Requesting Accommodations

Students are responsible for disclosing a disability and requesting accommodations. Students must complete the Registration Form and provide current documentation, which documents the disability and supports the request for accommodations.  A qualified professional, familiar with the history and functional implications of the disability, must provide the required documentation. If the initial documentation is incomplete or inadequate to determine the extent or needs of the student, Disability Services has the discretion to require additional documentation.

Please Note:

After completing the Registration Form and providing the necessary documentation, students should contact the Disability Services Office and set up an appointment with a staff member to determine reasonable accommodations. Together, the student and the disability services professional will determine what accommodations are reasonable based on the severity and functional limitations of the documented disability.  Official registration and the implementation of services cannot begin until the student meets with a Disability Services staff member.

Disability Services staff believe that the student is the most valuable resource for determining effective accommodations. Disability Services assists students in becoming self-advocates while supporting their essential needs. Disability Services assists faculty by providing information, validating, and providing necessary accommodations. Students who feel that they are experiencing problems in the College setting should contact the office as soon as possible to resolve any difficulties they may be experiencing regarding accommodations or access on campus.

Contacting Disability Services

To inquire about registration and services, students should visit the Academic Support Center in the lower level of Thaw Hall during regular business hours.