Types of Hope Scholarship and Supplemental Awards

Lottery scholarship amounts vary, depending on the particular award(s) for which the student is eligible. The base scholarship, the HOPE Scholarship, will depend on when it is first received  and the grade level of the student. Specific award amounts are defined by the TN Student Assistance Corporation. Please review and then refer to your award summary on the college's online financial aid system.


Traditional HOPE Scholarship

The Traditional HOPE Scholarship is what is known to most simply as the 'HOPE Scholarship'. It is available for graduating high school seniors who meet the minimum requirements to receive the award. Visit here to find out those requirements. In order to continue receiving the award, you must meet the minimum GPA requirements at each 24-hour benchmark. Visit here to find out those requirements.



Tennessee HOPE Access Grant

The HOPE Access Grant is a one-time only award available for graduating high school seniors who do not meet minimum HOPE Scholarship requirements. The requirements for this grant are listed below.

  • Entering freshman must have minimum weighted 2.75 GPA AND 18-20 ACT score (950-1030 SAT); AND
  • Parent or independent student (and spouse) adjusted gross income of $36,000 or less

The grant is non-renewable. However, if a student receiving the HOPE Access Grant meets the minimum requirements for the HOPE Scholarship at the first 24-hour benchmark, the student's award will be updated for the following year to the Traditional HOPE Scholarship. If ineligible at the 24-benchmark, a HOPE Access recipient shall be eligible for HOPE at a later benchmark if the student maintains continuous enrollment without the award and meets the GPA requirements at said benchmark.

*This award cannot be combined with the Tennessee HOPE Scholarship.


HOPE Aspire Supplemental Award

The Aspire Award, also known as 'HOPE Need', is a need-based supplemental award. Student's receiving the Traditional or Provisional Method HOPE Scholarship may qualify for the HOPE Aspire award if they meet the following criteria.

  • Parent or independent student (and spouse) adjusted gross income of $36,000 or less

*This award cannot be combined with the General Assembly Merit Scholarship.


General Assembly Merit Scholarship

The General Assembly Merit Scholarship (GAMS), also known as 'HOPE Merit', is a merit-based supplemental award. High school seniors receiving the Traditional HOPE Scholarship may qualify for GAMS by meeting the following criteria. 

  • Entering freshmen who have graduated from a Tennessee public school or category 1,2,3 private school must have minimum 3.75 weighted GPA AND 29 ACT score (1360 SAT)
    • A Home school graduate must, in addition to meeting the HOPE scholarship requirements, during the course of a home school program:
      • Achieve a 29 Composite score or above, on a national test date for the ACT test or a 1360 (math plus critical reading scores only) or above, on a national test date for the SAT test for GAMS consideration.



Non-Traditional HOPE Scholarship

The Non-Traditional HOPE Scholarship is available to students age 25 & over who meet ALL of the following criteria.

  • Student must be 25 or older (by first day of classes) upon re-enrolling in an eligible postsecondary institution after at least a two-year hiatus or for the first time
    • Beginning Fall 2018, students must enroll in a baccalaureate degree program at an eligible four-year institution as an entering freshman or have at least two (2) years break in enrollment after last attending any college
  • Student must be continuously enrolled at an eligible postsecondary institution in every Fall & Spring term
  • Student must maintain satisfactory academic progress
  • Student must be a TN resident for at least one year prior to applying for the award
  • Student's Adjusted Gross Income (and spouse, if applicable) is $36,000 or less
  • Student must first complete 12 hours with a 2.75 GPA to be eligible for this award