Thank you for your interest in bringing your group to visit Maryville College! We offer group visit experiences on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. EST. We are best able to serve your group during these hours due to the availability of our student Ambassadors staff. If your plans are outside of these hours, please call the Maryville College Admissions office at 865-981-8092.

For the best campus visit experience, please submit your group tour request at least three weeks in advance. Our group visit coordinator will be in contact with you to confirm details.

We look forward to welcoming your group to our beautiful campus!

Group Tour Policies

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We require a minimum of 3 weeks’ notice to plan your visit. We ask that you let us know about any changes in your plans no less than 48 hours prior to your visit. This includes changes to your arrival and/or departure time, number of attendees, agenda, and meal arrangements. Notification needs to be made via email as well as a phone call to the Admissions Office.


We offer a few different options for your group to enjoy lunch while on campus. Our dining hall is open for groups up to 60 from 10:45 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Pearson’s Dining Hall offers an all-you-can-eat buffet for $6.85 per person for student groups, $7.74 for tax-exempt groups, or $8.50 per person for all others. Groups larger than 60 may be able to eat in our on-campus, reserved dining room if it is available on the day of your visit. We can also offer box lunches for $7.99 per person, or pizza starting at $10.00 per pizza. Groups are also welcome to bring sack lunches to enjoy on campus.

If you choose for your group to eat in Pearson’s Dining Hall, payment will need to be made 5 business days in advance. This link will be included in your FINAL itinerary. If payment is not made, you will be responsible for your own group lunch. If you choose to cancel your meal plans at Pearson’s, we cannot guarantee that there will be an available area for groups to eat lunch. Reimbursements will be made within 5-7 business days back to the card that was used for payment. If paying by check, there will be NO REFUNDS granted in the event of an overpayment.

Late Arrival:

Punctuality is important to having a successful tour. Your tour itinerary has the exact times that we will follow to the best of our ability, to keep your visit as enjoyable as possible. If you are running late, please call the Admissions Office at 865-981-8092 to let us know.


If you need to reschedule or cancel your tour, you must notify the college via phone and email within 48 hours prior to your scheduled visit.


Please dress according to the weather. In the event of rain, we will still proceed with the tour, unless there is dangerous lightning. If the campus closes due to inclement weather, we will notify you immediately.


We do require a minimum of one chaperone for every 10 students. It is the responsibility of the attending chaperones to monitor the students for any inappropriate behavior and address the incident immediately. Chaperones must remain with the students throughout the duration of the tour.

Student Behavior:

Please take the time to speak with students prior to your visit about proper behavior on a college campus. In the case of inappropriate behavior, our Student Ambassadors will report the incident to Admissions. Maryville College reserves the right to stop your tour, cancel your visit, and escort you back to the departure location at any time. Please understand that student behavior may influence future campus tours.

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