Residence Hall Closing Procedures

We know that the end of the academic year carries a load of stressful situations for all of our students. Our goal at the end of the year is to try and share as much information as possible to make the final transition a smooth one for everyone involved. We encourage you all to read the following information, share it with your parents/students/friends/roommate(s), and always feel that you can contact us with questions or for help if you need it.


Check-Out Process

Before Anyone Leaves The room/suite/apartment


  • Each RA will have a list of their availability posted next to their room door or in a public location on their floor.
  • If you would like to conduct a formal checkout process with your RA, you will need to schedule a time.
  • If the time you would like is unavailable, check other staff members' availability in the building.
  • You must schedule a formal checkout at least 24-hours in advance. If not, you will either have to wait for a staff member to be available or complete an Express Checkout.
  • If you do not want to schedule a formal checkout, sign up under the Express Checkout list and grab an express checkout envelope.


  • Everyone in the room/suite/apartment should conduct a thorough cleaning before the first person leaves. This way you all can guarantee that the space has been cleaned. 
  • As each subsequent person leaves, the remaining residents should clean again (wipe surfaces, vacuum, etc.).
  • You need to vacuum the space if you have carpet, and you should move all room furniture to vacuum underneath it.
  • Use a mop or Swiffer (perhaps more than once) to clean hard floor surfaces.
  • Dust, clean, disinfect surfaces throughout your space, including spaces under where microwaves, fridges, shelving, etc. have set all year.
  • Clean your bathroom (if applicable): Floors, counters, sink, mirror, toilet, shower curtain, and shower all need to be scrubbed and clean.
  • Clean your kitchen (if applicable): Fridge and freezer, oven and stove, sink, counters, and cabinets. Make sure all cabinets have their belongings removed.
  • Purge: Take recyclable items directly to the large, blue recycling dumpster behind Pearsons Hall. Bag up trash and unwanted items and place them in the dumpsters.
  • Donate: Goodwill will be collecting unwanted possessions at the end of the school year. If you have clothing, supplies, etc. that are in good, usable condition place them in the designated donation area in your building.


  • Your furniture needs to be returned to the same state it was when you moved in.
  • Beds should be completely un-lofted and returned to a medium setting within the bed posts.
  • Dressers or desks that have been stacked or placed inside closets or underneath beds should be returned to their original places. *If they were there when you moved in, you can leave them, but you must clean behind/underneath them.
  • Any living room or common area furniture should be returned to its proper location.
  • Personal furniture needs to be removed. If you no longer want your futon, couch, area carpet, microwave, etc. there will be two large open dumpsters (one in the Beeson blue lot and one outside Gamble Hall) for these items.


Checkout Time

Before checking out

  • The aforementioned items need to be addressed: scheduling a time, cleaning, taking care of the room furniture.
  • All of the residents personal items need to be removed from the room.
  • Window blinds need to be raised.
  • All room lights need to be turned off.
  • Air handling (if accessible) should be set to cool, 70 degrees, and auto.
  • Room should be locked upon departure.

There are two options for residents to check-out under; the procedures, benefits, and risks of each are outlined below.

Formal Checkout

  • The checkout time is dedicated to that resident and is scheduled at least 24-hours in advance with the staff member.
  • The resident and staff member will have the opportunity to discuss any damage or cleaning issues. This gives the resident an opportunity to fix or explain those issues.
  • Resident leaves with the knowledge of any charges that may be assessed to his or her account.
  • Takes at least 20 minutes to conduct this sort of checkout.
  • May have to wait on staff to be available.
  • It is best to schedule in advance so you need to know when you will be ready to move out.
  • Taking time to fix an issue may cause a significant delay in actual checkout time if the staff member has other checkouts scheduled.
  • Complete all of the items listed above under scheduling, cleaning, and furniture.
  • The staff member will meet the resident in the room at the assigned time with the resident's Room Condition Report (RCR) from the beginning of the year.
  • Staff member will check the state of the room and its possessions as compared to the inventory from the beginning of the year.
  • Any discrepancies, differences, or damages will be noted on the RCR form in the checkout column.
  • Charges for any damage, missing items, or lack of cleaning will be noted on the RCR by the staff member.
  • Resident and staff member will have the opportunity to discuss any potential charges, and resident will be given the opportunity to explain or address issue. *Please note that if the resident needs time to clean during this meeting that the staff member may have to leave to make another appointment. 
  • Once the checkout inspection is complete, the resident will give his or her key to the staff member, sign the checkout portion of the RCR form, receive his or her copy of the RCR, and depart. *There is an automatic $50 charge for a missing key.

Express Checkout

  • No need to schedule a time with a staff member.
  • Resident has to fill out a little information, seal his or her key inside the envelope, and drop the envelope with a staff member.
  • It's quick!
  • Resident does not have the benefit of his or her input during the checkout inspection.
  • Per the express checkout envelope: Resident waives his or her right to dispute any charges assessed against the room during the checkout process.
  • No way for staff to discern which order residents left in.
  • Resident signs up for the Express Checkout option next to the RA's door at their convenience.
  • Resident obtains an Express Checkout envelope.
  • Once residents have addressed the cleaning, furniture, and the items listed under "Before Checking Out" (see above) the resident may depart.
  • Resident places his or her room key inside the envelope, seals the envelope, and completes the information on the front of the envelope (name, building, room number, and signature).
  • Resident drops the envelope in the appropriate location as designated by his or her RA or Residence Life staff member.
  • At a later time, a Residence Life staff member will go back through the space to conduct the checkout inventory, note any damages, and assess any related charges.

Damage & Fine Charges

  • Any damages, cleaning issues, items left, or fines will be assessed to the students' accounts.
  • These will be appear as either Residence Damages or Residence Fines on the student's bill.
  • These charges help to cover the cost of replacements or repairs, the cost of labor, and the supplies needed to restore the room back to its usable condition.
  • Charges are distributed among the appropriate number of residents unless the individual specifically responsible is identified. e.g. Damages to the living room will be divided among all four residents occupying that suite/apartment.
  • Information regarding the appeal process will be included in the final fine notification.


Other important & relevant information

Exceptions to Checkout Deadlines

  • Summer school students will receive communication about their checkout deadlines and will be expected to move out at the appropriate time. Due to this accommodation and lack of staff, these students may have only the Express Checkout as an option.
  • Students not in an identified group who need to stay past the deadline may REQUEST approval to do so by completing a break housing form on the website


  • Students who need to store items over the summer may request to do so with the Resident Directors of the freshman residence halls (Copeland, Davis, and Gamble Halls).
  • Copeland, Davis, and Gamble Halls are the only buildings which offer storage, but are available to residents from across campus.
  • Residents are responsible for making arrangements for storage well in advance and must make contact on their own accord. *Residents seeking to store items as they are leaving without having made any prior arrangements may not be allowed to do so.
  • Large items like sofas, loveseats, futons, carpets, etc. will not be stored.
  • Items must be placed in boxes/containers and not be placed loose within the storage rooms. If you are permitted to store a mini-fridge it must be completely defrosted and dry before being placed in storage.
  • ALL items must be marked with the following information: Student's name, current building & room, future building & room, semester which they will return for items, and a viable phone number.
  • Items must be picked up promptly after arriving back on campus for the designated semester as listed on your possession's labels.


  • Students with bikes on campus must remove their bikes from bike storage area and take them home for the summer.
  • If you will be on campus over the summer, your bike may stay on the racks, but must be marked with your name and designate that you are living on campus during the summer. 
  • Any bike left on campus over the summer without notification to Security and Residence Life staff may be removed and donated to local entities.

Improper Checkout Fines

  • Any student not completely checked out by the stated deadline will incur an immediate $25 improper checkout fine to be added to their bill.
  • Seniors who are here past the Monday, 9am. deadline will incur the $25 improper checkout fine and an additional fine of $25 for every hour past that time.

Extended Stay

  • Any student not in an identified group with permission to stay past the Thursday, 9 p.m. deadline, but with a need to stay may fill out a break request form. This is a request, not a guarantee.
  • Approved reasons to stay will often be related to long traveling distances, academic requirements, official College obligations, etc.; Residents will be informed of their approval to stay. Some may be charged the $15/night break stay.
  • Staying to watch a movie; go to dinner; or watch a friend, teammate, roommate, significant other, or other student graduate is not an approved reason.


  • The amount charged for fines and damages are established by either the Residence Life Office or Physical Plant department.
  • Fines from the Residence Life Office are often meant to be a deterrent and persuasion for students to comply with checkout policies.
  • Damage charges established by the Physical Plant of the College are designed to cover the cost of repair or replacement of the issue and cover supplies, labor, parts, etc.

 Finally, travel safe and have a fantastic  break!