Working for Residence Life

Each year the Residence Life Office hires a number of Maryville College students to help in facilitating the campus residential communities. We hire students to be Resident Assistants during the academic year through an extensive application and interview process. We also hire Summer Resident Assistants who help the students who live on campus during the summer months. Information about each position can be found below.

Resident Assistant Job Description

Each floor or wing is staffed with one Resident Assistant (RA). RAs are upper-class students who plan activities for the floor, serve as a resource for the residents, and assist residents with getting involved in campus life. Each RA is trained in helping skills, crisis intervention, conflict mediation, and other areas to help residents cope with the any issues they might experience. For more details on the overall job description, please reference the link below. 

Resident Assistant Job Description

Resident Assistants 2018 - 2019

New Applicants for Resident Assistant Positions

RA Applications for the 2018-2019 school year are live now!

We are looking to hire a large number of excited and invested student leaders to serve as Resident Assistants in one of our eight residence halls. Applicants will be asked to fill out an online application available at RA Application Link or on the MC Residence Life website. They will also be asked to provide the names and contact information for 2 references. The link to be provided to desired references can be found at RA Reference Link. Complete applications will be due by February 5th at 5pm.

For questions or further information please contact Caroline Terry, Assistant Director of Residence Life, at

Resident Assistant 2018-2019 Important Dates

  • Jan. 31 - Interest Meeting, 12:30 p.m. in Bartlett 201
  • Feb. 1 - Interest Meeting, 12:00 p.m. in Bartlett 201
  • Feb. 5 - Applications Due by 5 p.m.
  • Feb. 8 - 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. Group Process, Bartlett Hall
  • Feb. 12-16 - Individual Interviews, as scheduled
  • Feb. 19-23 - RA Offers go out
  • Feb. 25 - Spring Training Date 1
  • March 11 - Spring Training Date 2
  • April 15 - Spring Training Date 3

Resident Assistant Compensation

  • $1950 stipend for the year
  • Single room at the double-occupancy room rate
  • Grant for half of the cost of the RA's room
  • Free parking permit
  • Development of marketable, resume-building skills
  • It's fun!

Returning Applicants for Resident Assistant

If you are a current Resident Assistant and are planning on re-applying for an RA position, you will need to print off and complete the following document:

Summer 2018 Resident Assistants

Residence Life is now starting a search for its 2018 Summer Residence Life Staff! The Summer RA is a part-time, live-in position that provides a discounted room rate and stipend for the summer. To complete the application, you will need to print off and complete the following document:

For questions or further information please contact Raeann Reihl at


  • March 26: Applications are available
  • April 13: Applications and reference forms are DUE
  • April 23-26: Individual Interviews scheduled
  • April 27: Notifications Distributed

Summer RA Job Description & Responsibilities

  • Share evening hall coverage duties with other staff members, approximately one night per week and one weekend per month.
  • Prepare necessary reports and records as directed by the Summer Resident Director and/or Senior Summer RA.
  • Assist with check-in/check-out of residents.
  • Establish and maintain a good rapport with students. Create and execute one social program for residents.
  • Be alert to problems or potential problems of residents; be able to confront and counsel (through active listening, empathy and support) these individuals and refer to a professional staff member when necessary. Respect confidentiality of personal information shared by another student or staff member.
  • Know and comply with Maryville College policies and procedures, explain and implement them in the hall.
  • Stress to residents the importance of cooperation and concern for others and actively confront those students who fail to comply with residence hall policies or who violate other resident's rights.
  • Serve as a campus resource for residents. Be aware of services provided by various offices on campus.
  • Perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Residence Life Office, as well as additional expectations requested by the Summer Resident Director, to ensure proper functioning of the residence hall.