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Military & Veteran Graduate Recognition Ceremony

We take great pride in honoring graduating active duty and military veteran students during a special ceremony, presenting graduates with a military coin and veteran honor cord. One side of the coin displays the founding year of our college, 1819, and the image of the tower atop Anderson Hall Building, generally considered the emblem of MC.  

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Green Zone is a campus-wide voluntary training initiative designed to promote a positive and supportive campus environment for our student veterans, current military members and their family. A “Green Zone” is a location recognized by student veterans as a "safe place." The program serves to both educate faculty and staff, and provide areas around campus that any veteran student can step into and feel at ease.

After completing a short training session, faculty, staff and student volunteers are able to identify themselves as one who is knowledgeable and aware of the challenges that veterans face, and one who is able to assist the student veteran.

All Green Zone volunteers agree to display Green Zone stickers, door hangers or other medium that will identify their office or environment as a “safe place” for veterans.  Green Zone training is held in the spring each year and is facilitated by SVA faculty sponsor and current veteran students.

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Policy Protecting Students from Fees and Penalties Due to VA Payment Delay

Effective August 1, 2019, schools are not allowed to penalize or prohibit a GI Bill student from attending or participating in a course while awaiting VA payment (for up to 90 days). See the Veterans Benefits and Transition Act of 2018 for more information. Students are required to submit their Certificate of Eligibility (COE) by the first day of class, or a date as determined by the school after the term begins. Failure to submit a COE by the designated date can result in penalty or late fees as determined by the school.  Late fees and penalties are not reimbursable by the VA.


MC Again Designated A Military Friendly School

#1 College In The South For Veterans