The Military Student Center (MSC) here at Maryville College serves to be a welcoming environment to all students with military ties, whether a current member of the Armed Forces, a veteran, or a dependent, to help them in any way possible to succeed.  Our space, located on the second floor of Bartlett hall, offers space for veterans, dependents, retirees, national guard, reserve, and active duty members to study and do homework, relax and hang out on our sofas, or enjoy a meal using our kitchen and dining area.  Information is provided to all students interested in pursuing a military career after graduation as well as bringing awareness to the campus as a whole of our military presence.  All students are welcome in the MSC!  

Mission Statement


The services of this center are designed to assist veterans of all branches and services and other service-related students, including military dependents, active duty members, members of the Reserve and National Guard, and others whose lives have been touched by the Armed Services of the United States.


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The mission of the Military Student Center is to provide veterans and military students a local support network encompassing the following mandates:

To assist in the active recruitment of veterans, military, and dependent applicants, including the preparation of informational brochures, Internet sites, and fliers; support of national and local initiatives to encourage enrollment; briefings and campus tours for all veteran, military, and dependent prospective candidates.

To assist in the smooth transition of such students once they have registered, including the assignment of a mentor/sponsor to assist in their transition to college life; briefings to new students given during orientation; the preparation and maintenance of an SOP regarding VA and associated administrative paperwork; advice and assistance in registration and course selection.

To create a culture of trust and support that guarantees the well-being and success of veterans, military, and dependent students, including active involvement in the adoption and implementation of policies that affect veterans; the development of a system of notification among faculty advisors and counselors to ensure all veterans receive academic, career, and financial advice as needed and in a timely fashion.

To provide assistance for veterans, military, and dependents in career planning and post-graduation concerns, including career counseling, assistance with graduate school and job applications, and the construction of personal portfolios and résumés.

To coordinate and centralize campus efforts for all veterans, including active encouragement of activities related to the MC Student Veterans Association; the creation of administrative, academic study, and recreational space for veterans, providing a hub for veteran related activities; a calendar of service-related days of recognition and celebration.

To collaborate with local communities and organizations, including the coordination of services that may be available for veterans; the administration of a liaison program for student veterans to participate in local programs as interns and ambassadors of student military and veteran life.

To assist in the establishment of administrative support systems, including a uniform set of data tools for the collection and tracking of information regarding student veterans, including demographics, retention, and degree completion; the maintenance of an MSC Tartan page that will act as a virtual bulletin board for veterans, military, and dependent students; the establishment of a networking system for veteran and military alumni.

To provide comprehensive professional development for faculty and staff on issues and challenges unique to veterans and the armed services, including an annual briefing on the state of military and veterans affairs on campus; a program of guest speakers on military topics; participation on special committees and boards as required by the Dean of Students.

To provide advice and liaison to students and faculty involved with the educational initiative at McGhee Tyson Air Base; to assist in the scheduling of courses and in the administration required for the offering of such courses; to act as a point of contact for military students taking classes at the base.