Tips for New College Parents

  1. Talk to your student about study habits and skills. Bright students who are not used to studying can find college coursework to be a challenge.

  2. Don’t be surprised if your student needs extra help in college. Urge your student to take advantage of campus services. Many students simply need a nudge to seek help.

  3. Have a conversation with your student to define a few reasonable goals for his or her first year of college.

  4. Encourage your student to get involved on campus. This may include a campus job, participation in a student organization, or attending athletic or fine arts events. A common misconception is that co-curricular activities are time-intensive, when in fact they actually force students to better manage their time. Plus, they help students establish valuable social support networks.

  5. Open the lines of communications with your student. Listen and find out what new experiences they are having in college and what they have learned from these experiences. But remember: they will also need space to try new things on their own.

  6. Help your student learn time management. A planner is a must-have item.

  7. Send your student packages in the mail (food and money are great).

  8. Encourage your student to eat healthy foods and get plenty of sleep.

  9. Stay calm. One bad semester does not define your student or his/her future. (A bad year is another story)

  10. Teach your student self management skills (laundry, cooking, how to manage illness, etc.)