In addition to all the new things you’ll learn in class from teachers and other students, there are numerous ways to explore the local area and culture, join in group activities, and have fun, all while practicing your English and sharing your culture with others. Most of our students simply enjoy living in the residence halls, making friends with American and other international students, and joining in various activities with them.

Campus Environment

The Maryville College campus is often described by students as being like a large park. You can take a virtual tour of our lovely campus here.


We provide housing on campus in one of our residence halls to all students for the duration of their stay.  Most students live in residence halls on the Maryville College campus.  The residence halls, cafeteria, and International House are all within short, one- to three-minute walks. You could walk across campus in about ten minutes. So, your life is quite easy and convenient. Find more information on residence life here.

Students who meet certain criteria may request to live off-campus. We do not make arrangements for off-campus housing but will provide suggestions to eligible students. Please see the application form for more information regarding exemptions. There is plenty of commuter parking and a commuter lounge in the student center. When eating on campus, all students have access to the full kitchen in the International House, and commuters can also buy food at campus cafeterias for less than $10 per meal.


Students who live on campus eat their meals either in Pearsons Dining Hall or Isaac’s Cafe. At every meal there are many choices, so you can always find something good to eat. Highlands Grounds campus coffee shop offers a wide selection of premium coffees and pastries. For special diets (vegetarian, religious restrictions), the dining hall staff can usually work with you and provide healthy and tasty alternatives. Menus and more information can be found here.


Our students have plenty of activities to choose from! First, all international students (ESL, exchange, and degree-seeking) have full access to all Maryville College facilities and functions. The College has a fitness center, a gymnasium with three basketball courts, weight-training room, and several sports and sports practice fields.

Students can also join in all College activities, usually at no extra cost. The College programming board offers sporting events, dances, music recitals by faculty and students, special concerts and lectures. You can join numerous clubs and organizations, such as drama, film, history, chorus, dance team, and international club. For more adventurous students, join an intramural sports club or a Mountain Challenge outdoor experience. More information on getting involved can be found here.

In addition to the many campus activities and events, there are activities each week planned specifically for our ESL students. We make trips to go whitewater rafting during warm months, visit the tourist cities of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, hike in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and take students to local shopping areas. More information on our trips can be found here.


If you bring a computer, each dorm room has Internet access, and there is wireless Internet access campus-wide. You will also have access to computers (with Internet access) in our computer labs. You should plan to use either the Maryville College network system (your e-mail address would be or to set up a web-based e-mail account such as a Hotmail or Yahoo e-mail account, which you can use on any computer.


Because of the seasonal variation in the climate, it is important to bring clothing that will be suitable for you during your stay here. The Maryville area does have four distinct seasons, with three equal months of winter, spring, summer and fall weather. We suggest that you come equipped with some clothing for each season that you will experience here, but don’t try to bring everything. You can find clothing here at very reasonable costs, so it’s better to come here with a variety of clothing, then buy other items that you may need once you are here. There is no official dress code at Maryville College. Many men and women, even professors teaching classes, choose to wear jeans and casual shirts or tee shirts. You should bring at least one formal outfit for interviews and formal occasions.


If you plan on driving a car while in the U.S., you must have a state driver’s license or certificate. You may legally drive in the U.S. with an International Driver’s License for no more than ninety (90) days. You can receive more information on driving in Tennessee after your arrival.