The international student orientation program is designed to facilitate new students' adjustment to the Maryville campus and community. Some of the events are just for fun and include great opportunities to meet new people; others are meant to provide crucial information. The orientation includes information on registration, student services, library services, health services, campus, computers, telephones, banking, immigration, cultural adjustment, and an English Placement Exam. Students will also be placed in the general one-credit orientation class (FYS 100 or ORN 120), required of all students.

Here is the list of subjects and activities that will be covered in the orientation. Please note that this list is NOT final and is subject to changes.

Getting Set Up:

  • English Language Placement Test
  • Campus Tour
  • Neighborhood Tour
  • Shopping Trip
  • In the Classroom: American / Maryville Academic System
  • Banking

Academics @ Maryville College

  • Course Registration & Advising
  • Computing Information and Library Orientation
  • Academic Survival and Support Services
  • Life Inside a Maryville College/US College classroom
  • Immigration Information

Becoming a Part of the Maryville Community

  • Campus Services
  • Adjusting to American Culture
  • Health & Safety Workshop
  • Getting Involved - Life Outside the Classroom
  • Mountain Challenge Activity


 NEW STUDENT ARRIVAL: August 19-20, 2017
First term/semester
Orientation: August 21-29, 2017
Registration: August 25, 2017
Classes Begin: August 33, 2017
Classes End: December 8, 2017
Examination Period: December 11-14, 2017
MOVE OUT:  December 15, 2017
Vacation Period(s): Sep 4 Labor Day
Oct 13, 14, 15 Long Weekend
Nov 22--26 Thanksgiving
Dec 15-Jan 7 Winter Break

Registration: January 8, 2018
Classes Begin: January 8, 2018
Classes End: January 26, 2018

* Required for freshmen 

**Optional for exchange students (however to live on campus during January 7-28 you must be enrolled in a class)

***There is no additional tuition for Jterm (included in fall & spring for full-year students). You must be taking a January-term classes to reside on campus during this term.


Second term/semester
Orientation: January 28-30, 2018
Registration: January 29, 2018
Classes Begin: January 31, 2018
Classes End: May 11, 2018
Examination Period: May 14-17, 2018
MOVE OUT May 18, 2018
Vacation Period(s): Mar 17--25 Spring Break
March 30 Good Friday
Notes about Winter Break:
  • All students must move off campus December 15th.

  • If you are returning to take a class in January, you may move back in on Sunday, January 7th only.

  • If you are a full-year exchange student who does not wish to take a Jterm class, then you may move back in on Sunday, January 28th only.

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