Recognizing the importance of travel and international study, Maryville College has created a comprehensive study abroad program that provides students with the unique opportunity to broaden their perspectives by confronting other cultures and viewpoints, learning about customs and practices of other societies, and coping with unfamiliar surroundings in a language other than their native tongue.

All students accepted into the MC Study Abroad Program have received a paper copy of this handbook, but for convenience, an electronic version follows.


A range of opportunities is available for study abroad at any time after freshman year, but most students find the junior year or the preceding summer the most appropriate. Planning must be started well in advance and is best done in close consultation with the faculty chair of the International Programming Committee, which has set guidelines for GPA requirements, academic standards and financial aid.


Important: Meet with your academic advisor soon after approval to discuss courses that you may need while abroad, your schedule when you return, and your progress towards graduation.


As you prepare to go abroad, it is important to consider how your grades will transfer upon return. All courses in MC-approved study abroad programs will transfer as credit and will be counted in your GPA. You can obtain information about specific courses offered at your exchange site either through the faculty contact person for that site or the website of the institution. Please be flexible as particular sites may not have the exact courses you need. Course substitutions should ideally be worked out prior to your departure. MC students should pre-register at MC for 15 credit hours of Overseas Study Credit (OVSOVS001) for the semester(s) spent abroad at the Exchange site. When your transcript arrives with your course grades from the host institution, your MC transcript will be adjusted accordingly for that semester(s).


It is important to spend time preparing for your time abroad. You will be away for 4-10 months and life does go on back home. A few matters taken care of before you depart will save you much time communicating with home or returning to problems. This Study Abroad Handbook will help outline some of the tasks you need to take care of before departing on your study abroad program.