Philosophy Program Overview

Why study philosophy at Maryville College?

A liberal arts education is about learning to be free. Philosophy, (which literally means the "love of wisdom") lies at the heart of a liberal arts education because it asks students to pursue truth wherever it may lead. As a philosophy major, you will tackle the “big issues”: about what’s real and what isn’t; about what and who you are and your place in the world; about how we should live with one another and what makes life worthwhile. To tackle those issues well, you will learn skills that will serve you well in your college career, in the working world and all your life. Studying philosophy teaches you, for instance, to pay careful attention to others, to analyze ideas and test arguments, to see problems in their complexity and appreciate a range of solutions. You will also learn to make up your own mind thoughtfully, and to communicate your ideas with clarity and precision.

That helps explain why philosophy majors do so well in a remarkable variety of career paths, including law, politics, film, business, education, ministry, medicine and writing.

Maryville College Works is a comprehensive career preparation program that is integrated into the College’s four-year liberal arts curriculum. Key components include assessment, advising, networking and professional experiences.

Course Offerings

The Major in Philosophy consists of at least 43 hours in philosophy and related areas. Required courses include:

PHL 162: Introduction to Philosophy and Logic (3 hrs.)
PHL 211: American Philosophy (3 hrs.)
PHL 348: Comparative Philosophy (3 hrs.)
PHL 351-352: Senior Study (6 hrs.)
HUM 201: Perspectives in the Humanities (3 hrs.)
HUM 299: Issues in Professional Development (1 hr.)
HUM 347: Research in the Humanities (1 hr.)

Three courses chosen from the following list:
PHL 201: Ancient and Medieval Philosophy (3 hrs.)
PHL 205: Early Modern Philosophy from 16th to the 18th Century (3 hrs.)
PHL 206: Enlightenment & Late Modern Philosophy 18th- 20th Century (3 hrs.)
PHL 207: Contemporary Philosophy (3 hrs.)


Either of the following courses:
PHL 326: Philosophy of Religion (3 hrs.)
PHL 329: Modern Critiques of Religion (3 hrs.)

An additional 3 credit Philosophy course at the 300-level

One course from the following list:
PLS 306: Political Philosophy (3 hrs.)
ECN 334: History of Economic Thought (3 hrs.)
SOC 401: Social Theory (3 hrs.)

Two of the following courses (6 credit hours):
MUS 306: Philosophy and Aesthetics of Music (3 hrs.)
REL 326: Contemporary Theology (3 hrs.)
REL 346: Explorations in Christian Thought and Culture (3 hrs.)
REL 348: Explorations in the History of Religions (3 hrs.)

 The Minor in Philosophy consists of 15 credit hours and requires the following courses:

PHL 162: Introduction to Philosophy and Logic (3 hrs.)
Twelve additional credit hours in Philosophy